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  1. Hey guys....what a struggle it has been for me to stay on the Low Carb plan....I do pretty well during the week, but the weekends have been a different story. Over all I am down 7 pounds....So I guess that is a start. I also need get committed to some physical activity... Kinda like the eating....hard to stay on track...If I can just make it for 1 whole week then 1 more, etc..... I'm not giving up !!!! :D
  2. I went shopping this evening for low carb foods, been reading the book again and now the journey begins ..... Thanks for the warm welcome back.
  3. It's been awhile since I've been on these boards, but I have a totally awesome Panana Canal Cruise booked for 2013 and I want to loose 75-100 pounds....I found lots of support here before and am hoping to reconnect and make new Atkins buddies again.
  4. It's been a long time since I've been on these boards, but I see some familiar names. I am still struggling with my weight (imagine that :eek:) but have managed to lose about 20 pounds this year with off and on Atkins....I really need to get serious and hope to find some encouragement here...
  5. Unfortunately Toucan's is no more....They closed some time ago and I think that location is now a martini bar....
  6. Your pictures are awesome...They bring back so many memories....You have some amazing wildlife pictures....I love the otters and the whales. Thanks again for sharing your cruise with those of us stuck in the South this summer....:eek:
  7. Sitka is such a pretty place...I am so upset that Carnival is dropping this port next year....Can't wait to see your pics !
  8. Whale pictures are so hard to do !! Excellant job....Your posts are making me want to go back!!! You are so awesome to do this !!!! Keep up the good work....
  9. I love Sitka....this makes me very sad....I guess the move to Seattle will make travelling easier, but still....Sitka was my favorite stop.....
  10. We have had wonderful experiences on the Holiday....DH wants to cruise on her one more time before she leaves Mobile...we are trying to pick a date that works for us. The first time we cruised on the Holiday I was initially dissappointed because she is an older ship, and shows her age in some places but it didn't take long for the dissappointment to subside due to the wonderful crew. And the terminal at Mobile is excellant and easily accessible. I highly reccommend cruising on the Holiday.....
  11. Wow...that means next time she's in Vancouver, I'll be boarding!!! :D
  12. I am a fairly new ATT internet customer....I remember that we have this benefit, but I wasn't too interested when I read my info, but I wasn't thinking about vacations either.....It would be nice to spend a few minutes online without those high ship minutes!!! :D
  13. DH and I did this excursion in 2006 and I enjoyed it. We did not see otters, but we save lots of other wildlife...including whales...one really close to the boat. The beach walk was nice, and you had time to enjoy the scenery. There was a naturalist onboard and she ponted out lots of interesting birds and such that I wouldn't have seen without her.
  14. Can't wait to start reading some reviews.....
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