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  1. How do y'all find out this info. I want to look at my cruise. Getaway leaving NOLA 3/29
  2. good to hear! Praying we will all be soaking up some much needed VD on the beach soon! 😊
  3. Hopefully leaving on the Getaway on the 29th! I'm so weary of all the negativity and hype!!! I just need some sunshine and salty water!! (big sigh) Praying things will calm down. I'm not trying to be an idiot we are bringing wipes and washing our hands diligently too. The media makes me so mad. One ship outside of CA has an issue. (not counting those in the orient) Meanwhile hundreds are currently out at sea with no problems!! I might go crazy waiting for cruise day! lol
  4. Leaving on the 29th out of NOLA on the Getaway. My family - DH, myself and two teens. We are all healthy and still planning on going, Lord willing, unless something extra crazy happens btw now and then. Really looking forward to this cruise! Need some sunshine and salty water. It's been raining nonstop here in the ATL.
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