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  1. Hi everyone, Let's share information, thoughts and plans re Caribbean cruising from the US in 2021. First of all, many of us have some FCC for the cruises cancelled in 2020, which are to expire at the end of 2021, as far as I know. In light of this, question about any cruising in 2021 is of big curiosity. But I suggest to narrow this topic to Caribbean cruising from the US.
  2. Hi everyone, How much time does it take for Princess to return a refundable deposit if you cancell before payment deadline? I mean, during the pandemic. Is it always up to 90 or more days like a refund of a whole payment or there is a hope that it's gonna be faster? Cancelled today (November cruise, btw stil hoping it'll happen, just not comfortable to pay up the entire sum in August when situation not so clear).
  3. I have a booking for Western Caribbean departing November 15. Payment deadline is in August. It is now clear that cruising won't be resumed this Summer and I am thinking of cancelling this booking (I have a refundable deposit) as there is no confidence in cruising in November (but, frankly, I do hope that cruising is to be resumed by that time). Another thing, is my FCC. I had a similar booking in April 2020, cancelled and refunded with some FCC. I am a bit concerned that Princess applied those FCC to my new booking without my consent and before the payment deadline. I
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone know, they process deposit refunds for such a long time as full refunds for the cruise? Or when it comes to deposit refund, processing is faster?
  5. Yes, April 5 cruise, Western Carribean - full refund received on June, 22. On March 12 option 1 was chosen, but changed for option 2 on March, 31.
  6. Today finally got our refund for 4 April Western Carrebian (Regal). Changed from option 1 to option 2 on March 31. Firstly, they mistakenly applied option 1, but in a week everything is settled. We also have a booking of a Carrebian cruise in November, would like to sail so much...
  7. Given the latest announsment, I guess, situation with November cruising will be revealed by September. My payment is due on August, 17, hope we'll know by then. It'd be funny if I didn't receive my cash refund for April cruise by August, 17, because clearly I am not going to give out more cash until I receive the refund.
  8. Totally agree. Will do the same. Really don't want to think that this cruise company might be doomed. But things seem disturbing looking at another topic with no passengers having confirmed receiving their cash refund. I'm also waiting for one, my payment for the November cruise is due in August, hope situation will be clearer by then. But, obviously I will not be paying without receiving a refund for the cancelled April cruise.
  9. I am neither epidemiologist, nor medical scientist, but tones of officially published data gives me an assumption that it might be not as simple and fast as it may seem. A lot of challenges ahead: testing in people (firstly, only several ones, then dozens, hundreds, and only then thousands - it'll take a lot of time), mutation, scientific disputes. It would be great to have a vaccine with proven efficiency fast. But obviously that won't happen this year 🙂 And it's highly doubtful about the next year. I created this topic to find out if there is someone believing in cruising by the end of this
  10. Frankly, I doubt that mass production of a vaccine could be available earlier then 2022. Suspension until that is gonna be a total collapse for the entire cruise industry. As for the passengers, that would mean that cruising will be way less affordable after the collapse. That's why, I think the cruise industry has no other choice than to deal with this issue before the end of pandemic (express testing, no buffets, etc.). And because of that, I think, for us it makes no sense to count only for 2021 as it is highly doubtful that cruise operators will survive such a long suspension. Either every
  11. My cruise includes both of those ports (Cozumel and Princess Cays)... Hope, it'll be okay with Cozumel given that it is an island, not mainland.
  12. Hi, anyone here with a cruise booked for November, 2020? What do you think about probability to sail? Had to go cruising for the very first time in April 😞 Then (in March) decided to put back to November. Now, with doubts, but hope that'll work. I think, a longstanding suspension (like more than half a year) will entail irreversible consequences for the whole cruise industry. Hope, they will figure something out to manage with new public health reality and that will be followed by governmental permission.
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