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  1. Take this information for what it is worth.... because obviously part of the strategy employed by NCL is to leave the TAs with different info so that when the info is trickled down to us lowly customers, it is largely inconsistent and we are left confused and sharing largely different information: My TA suggested that Princess is NOT alone and for cancelled cruises, the cruise lines he works with are allowing those who had only one choice: To avail themselves of the March 10 POM policy .... OR..... travel despite department of state and CDD regulations and “wait and see/risk infecti
  2. Thank you for the info. I know you love your travel agent but recognize that the information is trickling down very slowly. Even to the TAs, maybe especially to the TAs. Remember they were the ones instructed to keep selling despite the well known COVID threat... even on the front end, the TAs were being laid out to do the wrong thing when NCL was fully aware that it was the wrong thing. Don’t give up. NCL ultimately delayed in making a decision so they could leave the people they depend on feeling helpless, contemplating their next move. They asked us to fly/travel against federal a
  3. Wrong. Sometimes that’s how you make a case. Keep taking those screen shots, folks.
  4. This. And this. And this. Again...screen shots, friends. Assuming NCL doesn’t do the right thing (which remains to be seen), you’ve got a lot of information from personal experiences here on this highly public forum. No one. Absolutely no one is immune to doing the right thing. Not even NCL. Looking in my crystal ball, I foresee lots of change in the future regarding NCL and their policies. Riddle me this... how do you pretend to advocate for the safety, health, and well being of your passengers, while waiting to cancel affected cruises PAST the time when the CDD
  5. I am sorry for you but also thankful that you have the choice to take a refund. Congratulations to your niece and your family on the upcoming wedding 💓
  6. Screen shot these types of sentiments too, friends.... truer words have never been spoken. “That’s their job” has been an excuse for a multitude of sins in our history.
  7. Strange indeed....friends, as an attorney licensed in multiple states married to an attorney licensed in multiple states. Screen shot it all....
  8. Thanks. I tend to follow the rules as designated by the government to which I subscribe... but I appreciate your support regardless. Don’t need it. But appreciate it. 😅
  9. What is adorable, em(whatever else) is you advocating against people following the suggestions of the United States of America to NOT travel... Those of us who followed the suggestions in an attempt to flatten the curve... We should be PUNISHED while NCL sat with their thumb up their butt?? Said differently.... we went ahead and travelled with our middle finger out on 3-13 or 3-14 and now we are sick too just because NCL wouldn’t do the right thing and offer the same policy to those who cancelled a day later? please.
  10. Adorable. You are thinking it was appropriate for those of us on the 3/14 to 3/15 cruises to fly or travel against federal and state recommendations so we could wait and see what NCL would do?
  11. Take this FWIW but our travel agent is under the impression that NCL will follow in line with the other cruise lines who are allowing guests on cancelled cruises to avail themselves of the new refund policy as detailed in many posts above. Thus, if you cancelled under the 48 hour peace of mind policy and your cruise was ultimately cancelled by NCL, you are eligible to take advantage of the new policy. Our agent is not a representative of NCL, nor am I (although I play one on TV) but seemed certain based on his conversations with NCL and overall trends in how cruise lin
  12. It’s fun to wax poetic, isn’t it? Now imagine you are actually in the situation. You have no choice but to cancel under the current policy. A policy that encourages people to travel, show up, wait and see until the last second. You cancel at the very last second, baffled that the cruise line has not done it on their own. A day later, someone who has chosen to cruise anyway ( despite current recommendations by the CDC, department of State and oh... everyone.... ) is now rewarded with a full refund or 150 percent cruise credit. All because the cruise line was sitting and wait
  13. Correct. With one major exception. It says the policy applies for guests who are “currently booked” with voyages starting 3/13. Yet those of us cruising on 3/13, 3/14 and 3/15 were facing the 48 hour use it or lose it “peace of mind” policy. We had no choice but to choose something/anything over NOTHING. Put simply, those of us booked in this limited time frame were given the choice of flying on an airplane, staying in a hotel, and waiting around to find out whether or not our cruise would be cancelled. It seems the way this is worded, that would be the only way to avail you
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