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  1. I attempted to travel on an Antarctica cruise with Hurtigruten in November/December 2019. After a lot of very poor correspondence with the company we finally arrived in Santiago. The night before the cruise and while our luggage was in Hurtigruten's care it was stolen. You can't go on a two week cruise in Antarctica with no luggage, so we had to come home – despite pressure from them to continue with the holiday. Happily, the local agent agreed their insurance covered it and we would all be refunded. Indeed, Hurtigruten offered $2000 to cover the luggage lost. Given their generally poor performance prior to the cruise and absolutely appalling behaviour on the day of the theft, we weren’t really surprised that Hurtigruten went back on this. They just ignored our emails despite having agreed that they were responsible for the luggage. They expect someone else, anyone else, as long at it's not them, to pay for this entirely avoidable situation, which is entirely their responsibility. The theft was clearly by someone who knew the routines. We thought our luggage was being taken to the ship and not just to the airport. Otherwise we would not have complied with their requirements. To add insult to injury, they flippantly called the situation a bit of bad luck! I have only commented on this obviously major issue. There were many, many, other issues in the planning of this cruise and during the few days we were on the holiday and even before we went we were regretting it and saying we would not go with Hurtigruten again. Interestingly, when we spoke with other passengers, they said the same thing. Lesson learnt – Never travel with Hurtigruten – they are uncommunicative, uncaring, untrustworthy, disorganised, liars. I am several thousand pounds out of pocket. Thanks Hurtigruten!
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