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  1. I wanted to give a "Shout Out" to Royal Caribbean and the massive efforts they are doing to get crew and passengers home safely. I emailed Michael Bayley this past Monday to ask what they are doing about the crew on the Voyager of the Seas, as they are on hold in Australian waters, not allowing any crew to disembark. My daughter is an ice skater on that ship and they don't really have info as to what is happening. On Tuesday I received a call from Laura, who works personally under Mr Bayley and is in charge of coordinating efforts to get all the Royal crew on the ships home safely. In Australia right now, they are not letting any non-Australians off any ships. Apparently, Royal is coordinating the managing of 10 ships of different cruise lines to be able to get fuel and supplies, and get on their way home. She assured me that they have a plan, which is to sail to Bali, drop off the Indonesians and hopefully charter a couple of planes for the rest of the crew out of Bali. The next stop will be Manila to drop off all the Filipino workers. I am convinced that they are doing everything in their power to get everyone home safely. She even gave me her personal cell phone number to text to call day or night, and promised to keep me up to date. If you read the article on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nswincidents/ you will see that they say: “It will be the largest peace time maritime operation undertaken in Sydney Harbour and has relied on the cooperation of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and the Port Authority of NSW to ensure its success.” I also understand that Royal has so far given out over a thousand free cruises to first responders. So from me, Thank you Royal Caribbean for doing everything you can to get my daughter home safely and everyone else as well to their families in respective countries!
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