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  1. I was on the Zaandam and I noticed that as we were heading through the Caribbean. Do ships have transponders, like aircraft? I queried this with Guest Services but they didn't really take it seriously.
  2. Yes, that could be true. Pax in cabin opposite me was sick and had to remain on board. He wife was with him.
  3. Hi. I was on the Zaandam. The info I had was that 26 sick pax remained on the ship. This from local FLA news. As far as I know, all other pax on Zaandam were well and were flown home. On arrival into FLL we had 400+ pax on board plus crew. I was not aware of any sick pax (or crew) being transferred from the Rotterdam.
  4. I was a passenger on the Zaandam, originally booked to complete the Buenos Aries - Santiago leg. HAL tried, unsuccessfully, for two days to obtain permission for us to disembark in Punta Arenas. It was then decided to sail to FLL, the ship's original destination. A day or so after loading fuel and supplies in San Antonio, we were told that pax and crew were reporting sick with "flu-like symptoms" and we were confined to our cabins. I had an "inside" room and I spent almost 12 days there with just one half-hour break on deck. I arrived home on Saturday and am still dealing with the psychologic
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