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  1. Confirmed... canceling Norway... https://www.borsen.no/nyheter/hva-dette-koster-har-ingen-betydning/72717397 Summary: "SeaDream1 is anchored in the corona quarantine outside Bodø with over 160 people on board, evenly distributed among passengers and crew. ... Saturday's six-day voyage from Oslo to Bergen with a handful of stops has been canceled because the government has introduced a two-week ban on landing ... ... Brynestad puts new trips on hold until the autumn until he knows what the government is doing after the first 14-day ban on going ashore."
  2. Agreed. My contact says the rest of Norway is canceled. https://seadream.com/no/ now redirects to https://seadream.com/luxury-cruise/luxury-north-south-america-cruise/north-south-america-ports/ No SD1 voyages until 10/24 out of Lisbon (assuming Spain will even allow it). No SD2 voyages until it magically appears in STT on 11/14 (assuming each island will allow it). Also interesting/concerning - the COVID Updates messaging and link has been deleted from website??? Sadly, all these people who recently booked Norway or those who hadn't yet canceled their 2020 Med can expect to be treated they way we all were during Round 1 and 2 of this debacle. A cryptic "if you cancel us before we cancel you, no refunds without penalty. Refer to our Terms" message. Then when SD officially cancels each one, they will will have to wait 90 days to get their refund.
  3. Quick update from one of my FB Friends over in FL: The SD Office in Miami, which had been shuttered since March, was permanently abandoned in mid-June. Folks who had personal items were given same-day notice to grab what they could. There are no plans to open another US office as they are still running a skeleton crew at about 20% normal staffing levels, all working from home.
  4. I'd have to imagine that a good portion of this Norwegian "demand" are really people cashing in their free voyage. SD has no choice but to throw any voyage possible together to bleed down their 6-7 month backlog of free credits where people didn't ask for a refund. Probably 25%-30% of the cabins will be credits/non-revenue, with the (rest at these highly discounted price). And that percentage will only go higher once American's and Brit's can travel and the yachts are in more desirable/accessible ports. Let's hope the Owner make an announcement soon that addresses their long-term viability, the dry-docks, crew updates, Miami office status, etc.
  5. Triple check that you can use your credit during the Christmas & New Years' voyage. They usually black those out. However, Thanksgiving is almost always wide open. And yes, there will be Minions aboard. But I've found them to be "well-traveled", so not a huge bother. And the crew is good about giving them boundaries and scooting them along if they are being loud or irritating. Pro Hint: If they tell you that you can't use your credit on the Holiday voyage, just threaten to cancel and request a refund. They will then offer you as much as 150%. This is what they offered on the closer-in voyages they just canceled. No reason you shouldn't get the same deal. Extra Hint: Do the above just before your next payment or your 25%/50%/100% penalty date.
  6. Be sure you ask for a refund, not the 120% credit. That starts the count-down clock AND SeaDream either immediately - or after a little time will - come back with a better offer. Probably more like 150%. Remember, they are cash starved so will bend over backwards to keep your money.
  7. Well of course they don't mention that most anyone flying to/from Norway will have to quarantine on both ends of their trip. Not when they might get someone to drop a deposit that they don't have to refund for three to six month. 😞 And check this out: The Norwegian microsite shows SD1 in Norway until 21 September (https://www.seadream.no/). Then look at the global website at: https://seadream.com/voyages/search/destinations/caribbean-mediterranean/months/9-10-11-12/years/2020/options/none/yachts/seadream1-seadream2. Shows SD2 accepting online bookings from Venice on 5 September for a "25 day voyage" through Valletta, Nice & Rome through the start of October. 25 days? Interesting how it is "wait-listed"? And SD1 missing in action until it magically teleports to Marigot on November 7th. They obviously can/do update the website. So why not put the Norwegian voyages on the main site? Just weird. it all seems like just more of their shenanigans to get/keep money with no sensible communication. Like in March when they were forcing people to fly to San Juan only to cancel hours before sailing, email blasting about Champagne & Caviar then changing the itinerary, giving crazy discounts to "stay on board" to those already there, and trying to get people to show up in Barbados even if their flights were canceled. Meanwhile, every other cruise line was adhering to the pandemic guidelines.
  8. Good Intel! Should be interesting to see the level of service at this price. Given all the international travel restrictions, are they bringing back the Thai Spa, Philippians or Club staff from the UK or South Africa? $3900 is a little better. But 93 days of one ship at perfect 100% full-paying occupancy is still less than $3.4M gross revenue. And they won't get close to that level of paid occupancy in Norway without more discounting. So the math still doesn't work out for them unless they get a loan or investors or government protection.
  9. Global site is not updated. Check it out: The Norwegian site shows SD1 in Norway until 21 September (https://www.seadream.no/). The global website shows SD1 accepting online bookings from Venice on 1 September and then Valletta, Nice & Rome through the start of October. See: https://seadream.com/voyages/search/destinations/mediterranean/months/all/years/2020/options/none/yachts/seadream1. Which is it, Norway or Venice? She can't be in two places at the same time. 🙂 Updating a website takes amateur skills these days, so just make the fix, no? Unless there is just no one smart enough left? If not, they should take the main website down. Otherwise, it could look like they are willing to take bookings on voyages they know aren't sailing but haven't cancelled yet so they don't have to refund until 90 days after notification.
  10. Yeah... they are a small. Just two 35-year old ships they bought back in 2001. Be sure you read the more recent threads in that forum thoroughly before you send them any money. They closed their USA office, canceled almost all voyages through September but don't update their website, laid off almost 90% of company, changed their payment terms and haven't paid a refund since February, refuse all communication, etc. So lots of unhappy customers left to wonder if they will be around much longer.
  11. Exactly... At $1900, that's $270 per day for Deck two. If you plus that up for Deck 3 & 4 & the Suites, and with 93 days on this schedule, the most they can hope to make is $3M. But they'll be discounting the hell out of it to try to get passengers and having to give away cabins to any who had credits. Yet in their best years, their average occupancy was around 75% and these 12 day voyages will have an even lower daily rate. So $2.5M is maybe the most realistic number? Then pull out operating cost of what, 60%? Now you are down to $1.15M? AND they now have to cancel the remaining Med through September. PLUS they have SD2 sitting idle, generating only cost, no income. THEN canceling the much needed drydock/refurbs to reposition both yachts back to the Caribbean only to have half the passengers waiving their 150% credits at them? No matter how gracious you are with the math, there will be no where near enough to cover all the refund requests payable from February through September. Especially with the Miami office shut down, so no one selling or supporting new bookings or charters in their #1 market. We can only hope the Owner is pumping money into SD until all the refunds bleed down so they can re-hire sales and refurb both yachts.
  12. Miami City is allowing non-retail to be open again as of last week and the Brickell Key building is open to all tenants. But SD office is still closed and remaining employees have been warned not to attempt to go there. Rumor is they are still not paying rent and not going to move back in anytime soon, if at all.
  13. I am angry too. Why? Because the confirmation email/PDF everyone gets upon booking and 1st payment says; "Please contact us to receive a full description of these policies or visit our website at http://www.seadream.com/paymentrefund-policy" But check it out - this link is missing a dash between "payment" and "refund". And when you click on it, it redirects you to the main T&C page (https://seadream.com/about/policies-terms-conditions/) where there is no mention of 90 days. Can anyone else confirm their Booking Confirmation PDF has the same link? Regardless. it is only when you email SD to cancel that they send a different link - https://seadream.com/payment-refund-policy/ (note there is now a "-") - which is identical to the T&C page refund policy except it has the extra paragraph about 90 days. And this new link isn't referenced anywhere else I can find the documents or website. I am not saying this is some conspiracy to keep from refunding, as the missing "-" on the confirmation document may just be an honest mistake. But the mere existence of a separate refund policy page distinct from the T&C page with no ability to read it beforehand is mighty curious. And it shows the CC company that no one could know about a 90 day policy when booking. Only when they request a refund.
  14. Correct. They are a "Florida Profit Corporation". See: http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/GetDocument?aggregateId=domp-p01000079045-551820b2-9f14-42f3-bc07-f10fd1ba0e3c&transactionId=p01000079045-246a4dd4-db05-4f18-9280-8c81325c2132&formatType=PDF I am told, the President, Andreas Brynestad (listed on the above filing), not a US Citizen.
  15. Thanks for starting a new thread. I am not speaking for anyone else, but the only people I've connected with to have gotten any money back was by going through their credit card company. Otherwise, I haven't seen any stories here or elsewhere of refunds being paid since before mid-February, which is over 90 days ago. And with communication being non-existent and their offices remaining closed, sadly, you may need to go this route too. If you do, here is what someone shared with me. "Upload your booking contract and/or a screenshot of their terms and conditions web-page which has the original refund policy. Then note that when you booked, 90 days was not their policy and still isn't on their T&C page. Include a short statement on how SD changed to 90 days and made it retro-active to your existing booking without contacting you or posting a policy announcement on their website. Meaning, you were told one thing when you booked and another when you tried to cancel. And if you have any unanswered or cut/paste emails or bounce-backs from terminated employees, include those as well. This would support the claim by showing they are unable or unwilling to honor their original terms. Depending on your card and the thoroughness of your appeal, you could get instant notification of success or they may ask for more information. Either way, SD will have to respond to the CC company and may actually even try to contact you with another offer so you will cancel your appeal." Post here any updates so we can all benefit from your experience? Thanks!
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