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  1. Looks like we've been more fortunate than many here. Celebrity cancelled our 9th May cruise and we originally went for FCC. Received FCC certificates on 27th May then refund for fees etc. on 3rd June. Discovered that the FCC wouldn't cover the same cruise next year so requested a refund on 2nd June. Received remaining balance in full today. Moaned quite a bit on Twitter so maybe that helped.
  2. I looked at Lift & Shift but found information on the Celebrity site confusing with no indication on how to request it. Anyway I already asked for the refund. We were on 'Marella Discovery 2', formerly 'Legend Of The Seas' last year. A bit long in the tooth but still a pleasant experience. Comparable with P&O Oceana we thought. Thanks again for all your suggestions.
  3. By far the best entertainment team we've encountered on any holiday of any kind was on a Marella Caribbean cruise
  4. Thanks for all your informative replies and so quick too. Nothing else to do eh? 😄 We're going to swap the FCC for a refund. What eventually sealed it was discovering the cost of moving the cancelled cruise to next year. Seven days on Sillhouette, Southampton to Norwegian Fjords May 9th 2020, standard veranda was £3032. Next year May 8th same perks, cabin location and class will be £3778. The FCC doesn't even cover it. Gobsmacked!!!
  5. We've previously cruised with P&O three times, Royal Caribbean once and Marella once and apart from slight niggles have been happy with all. To be honest Marella was perhaps a little 'down market' but still good value. We now have FCC certificates for a cancelled Norwegian Fjords cruise but are considering swapping for a refund as the aforementioned are quite a bit cheaper. I'd be interested to hear views on what puts Celebrity above others.
  6. I think the answer is no. We just re-booked a cancelled April 2020 cruise for 2021. I had originally requested a refund but called last week to change it to FCC. The FCC had been applied to my account and was available to use though it wasn't visible to me anywhwere. It would avoid much confusion if P&O updated their web site so it does show. Sorry I don't know about the TA situation.
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