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  1. We have just come home from the Viking Sky Iceland cruise. It was our first Viking cruise although we have sailed several lines over the past 25 years. Basically, we were disappointed in several aspects of the cruise, also realizing that Covid added some real stressors. The Italian specialty restaurant was no different from the the normal dining room which we found very ordinary. We have a Viking British Isles cruise booked for next summer (2022), but are considering switching to Oceania.
  2. Just remember that on the independent tours very few, if any,will be wearing masks.
  3. Was on the 16 July 16 IAD-KEF flight which was packed. Inbound flight was half hour late-left 20 minutes late-arrived 5 minutes early. Delta 757 parked just ahead of us causing huge backup at immigration, just three lines . .Huge backup at baggage claim . Left airport around 0750. Arrived Opera House around 0830,checked in by 9. Frustrating process. Our Golden Circle tour today was Ok,, not great. Lots of time on the bus. Lunch was highlight of the day. Guilfoss Falls was very good.
  4. I agree that the local communities had little input on this. The Iceland Coast Guard didn't order the Sky tenders back to the ship on its own volition nor did the order for the Sky to return directly to Reykjavik come from a Coast Guard officer without decisions made at a much higher level. National politics had as much to play in all this as anything. But, as said earlier, we'll never know.
  5. Well, that's just great. Perhaps it would be nice if Viking and the Chairman could share that letter in an email to those flying out tonight and tomorrow night. Perhaps you could suggest that to your press person
  6. That is good news, if true. Do you have an official Icelandic and/or Viking source for that information?
  7. And what is in store for those scheduled to board Saturday? So far "Crickets" from Viking.
  8. Well, of course both parties should have anticipated that a positive case probably would show up mid- cruise assuming it takes a few days for the virus to show itself. There is plenty of blame to go around. From the Viking passenger point of view, most of us had the impression that the infected would be quarantined and the cruise would go on. Obviously, that didn't happen. Perhaps both sides were talking past each other and the customers are the ones suffering.
  9. Well, we will be right behind you tomorrow night if Viking doesn't call this whole thing off. How can Iceland let all the passengers disembark on Saturday if they are letting no one off yesterday and today?
  10. Latest from Iceland re Covid and travellers: https://www.icelandreview.com/travel/covid-19-in-iceland-29-travellers-have-tested-positive-since-july-1/
  11. Good question! We renewed our passports over the past winter. Your question sent me to our Global Entry account. The new passport numbers and expiration dates were NOT changed or updated. The edit process was fairly easy. BTW, our driver's license information was also outdated.
  12. Posted just now Note to All: After total frustration of being locked out, unable to log in, seeing "no page available", etc. this afternoon I called our wonderful TA to discuss cancelling the whole thing. Quitting is not in her vocabulary and after a couple of hours dealing with Viking, somehow she was able to book all six of our requested tours. We are hopeful Viking has learned an important lesson not to provide more than they can deliver (which they have repeatedly done the past several weeks). Hopefully, the ship and crew will
  13. We have a call into our TA to cancel this total fiasco.
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