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  1. I was told by my travel agent that the fee was $200 but in early March, like the week I cancelled, they lowered the fee because of the circumstances and the number of people cancelling.
  2. i’m pretty sure in my case that it is a refund as the amount is not the full fare that was charged on the account and I was disputing but less by the $100 per person “admin” fee that I was told I would be charged. In addition, it is coded as a return which is how my other refunds (not from Crystal ) are coded.
  3. No I am not sure and quite frankly I don't care as long as I get the credit.
  4. I am happy to report that I finally got my full refund (less the $100 per person admin fee) on June 24th (posting date of June 26) so that was 108 days after I officially got the cancellation confirmation from Crystal. I did dispute the charge in late June plus wrote a letter plus called Crystal numerous times so not sure what eventually did the trick or perhaps my number just got called up on that refund day but nevertheless it is showing with Chase so I'm good for now. What I haven't decided on yet is whether I will ever sail with Crystal again. They were definitely my cruise line of choi
  5. Sorry, was unable to edit my original posting so submitting again. I had requested by refund on March 9, 2020 and finally saw it posted to my credit card account on June 26, 2020. What I don't know is if that was just because of a regular credit posting, or if it was because I questioned the charge with Chase in late June or if it was due to the letter I sent to Crystal in mid-June. In any event, I was fully refunded the amount that I was expecting which was the full cruise fare less the $100 per person admin fee.
  6. I am now at Day 106 from our cancellation of a July cruise. At the time we cancelled, our TA was told that we would get a full refund (>$10K) less a $100 per person cancellation fee and that the refund might take 2 to 3 weeks to process. After 3 weeks, the TA followed up and was told it was now up to 90 days to process. While unhappy with that, I understood the difficulties they must be having and decided to wait. About Day 85, I asked TA to followup again and he was told that by 90 days, it should be there. Of course no refund so I followed up Day 95. I was told then that all March c
  7. The timing of the survey was really poor on Crystal’s part given how many of us are waiting for a refund. I was not inclined to be generous when the customer service has declined so greatly in terms of being transparent about the refunds. No, there was no place in the survey to bring that topic up but it still affected my responses. This whole refund thing has left a really bad taste in my mouth and while even 6 weeks ago, halfway into the 90 day refund window, I was still positive about Crystal enough to pay that $500 deposit towards a future sailing, I am no longer feeling that
  8. date of sailing: July 3, 2020 cancellation date: March 8, 2020 Full refund expected less the $100 per person "admin" fee no refund as of June 22, 2020
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