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  1. the bad thing about online is no refund fee allowed
  2. I have been waiting since March for a refund of $50 for a rsvp made in error by a rep...and a refund for the rescheduled trip that got canceled for July...im not getting any email responses and calls are just more 30 day lies...there needs to be a class action
  3. I made a rsvp with a rep and was told I had to do it online to get the special, so I canceled that one and did it online...that was March 2020, im still waiting for the refund, after many calls and emails...then the one I scheduled is now canceled and again waiting for refund....they don’t respond timely and I keep getting empty promises....i wonder if others are having this problem and if a class action is in order. This would have been my first experience with BPCL and based on this lack of satisfaction, I doubt I will ever try them. I understand the pandemic caused a lot of problems, but th
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