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  1. Took me about 123 days to get mine. There is Hope.
  2. Unbelievable! 123 days since we were scheduled to depart our cruise and we FINALLY got our refund. I truly wondered if we would ever see it.
  3. Guess this is why I can't believe they aren't providing some kind of explanation about refunds rather than simply depositing funds to your credit card account. That being said I would be satisfied if I got a refund to my account, which I have not.
  4. I'm going to continue to send emails. I get responses to some and not to others. I agree you have to try to maintain a sense of humor about this situation. It would be really funny if it wasn't so sad. This company should be doing better!!
  5. Glad to hear that there are some people seeing refunds. Seems peculiar that the April cruises, like ours, are not being dealt with before cruises in June, etc. We're on day 97 since the cruise should have departed and still no refund. Heard from Customer Service yesterday and they said they were going to contact Accounting and ask why it had not been processed. I saw that someone else said they were told the same thing, but never heard if they got an answer. I keep checking my credit card account but still no credit.
  6. This has been an interesting topic. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason as to how HAL is approaching the refund process. Some cruises cancelled in March/April haven’t seen a refund and others whose cruises were cancelled after that have there money on the bank. Our cruise which should have sailed April 2 and was cancelled the latter part of March has yet to be refunded. All contacts from customer service say the refund is being processed but can’t tell me when I’ll see it. I’m really frustrated and considering what my next step will be.
  7. Maybe there is Hope. We’re looking for a refund for an April 2 sail date. Nothing yet but hopefully soon. Communication has been horrendous. Thanks for the info.
  8. We're coming up on day 85 since our Australian cruise was cancelled. No refund to date. I've had numerous email conversations with HAL. The real topper was the last email when they told me my refund is in the queue for processing but they couldn't tell me when it would be paid and that they wouldn't contact me to let me know it had been paid. I check my bank accounts every day but nothing yet. I realize these are unusual times but HAL should do better and I'm afraid they've lost a previously loyal customer.
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