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  1. Well she's definentley not going a direct route then as her location is set to Port Louis Maritus. What a strange route to take.
  2. I know their is a proposal out their someplace to temporarily suspend the Jones Act so a ship can sail Seattle to Alaska without stopping at Any Canadian Port. That would be massive for the Alaska cruise industry cause without any kind of 2021 season your going to see mass business shutdowns and even the town of Skagway may not survive as 90% revenue is Tourists.Carnvial Corp would be hit the worst as they own alot of Assets in Alaska.
  3. You will probably see alot more short cruises especially to start with most i believe will do 2-4 day cruises to Private Islands. You may see a few short cruises with 1 or 2 port calls.
  4. It should make for some very interesting itineraries for some areas. We'll have to see if Canada takes the same position, If Not you could see London-Montreal Trans Atlantic.
  5. Strange she goes to Aliaga right away yet Marella's 2 ships and Horizon are waiting at Eleusis Greece in Cold lay up.
  6. I would suspect Seajets may Charter them too.
  7. is it possible they may use a ship from RCCL existing fleet
  8. I wonder if CVI is interested in her...especially in a Charter agreement. Would let them use a ship that started it all for CMV...take it back to its roots and rebuild since she was very popular.
  9. I guess it will give Bahamas Paradise much needed cash and concentrate on the Grand Classica. Maybe they will alternate 2 day cruises to Freeport and Nassau?
  10. its also on shipbunker and vessel values as being sold for scrap.
  11. -Well it looks like we have our answers as to why the Grand Celebration went to Freeport. She was Sold on Nov.9th 😞 and looks like she may have been destored and stripped of her valuables for transfer to the Grand Classica.
  12. Magellan is showing underway with tracker set to Gibraltar, but Ship mapper has as scrapped cruise ships. She was bought by Seajets so i wonder whats up or if ship mapper knows something we dont.
  13. For the lack of news about Astor this would explain why. However not sure about Marco Polo. Out of all the ships in CMV fleet shes the one I'd think CVI would of had their eyes on.
  14. very little that can be found so far about who purchased her or Astor.
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