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  1. This morning, additional Endeavor sailings are marked “Call for Availability”: — May 15 – May 29 – June 30 – July 12 – July 23 – August 4 June 12 is the exception: It displays a price.
  2. This morning, May 2021 Crystal sailings are marked, “Call for Availability.” A possible oversight are two Symphony cruises that list fares: — May 1: 10 days — May 30: 7 days
  3. Please access the Crystal website: Crystal Confidence 3.0 Travel Assurance for 2021 - 2024 Bookings Click on: Learn More 2021 Cruises: Final payment is due 60 days prior to the First Day of Service for cruises through December 2021. First Day of Service: If you make an Air Reservation or Hotel Reservation through Crystal, this is the First Day of Service — NOT the day the cruise begins. Resources: Ask Crystal Email address: AskCrystal@crystalcruises.com This is an alternative to asking your travel agent.
  4. Does this apply? Crystal Confidence 3.0 for select new and existing bookings: Terms & Conditions: Future Cruise Credit must be applied by December 31, 2023.
  5. Reference: Cruise Industry News, December 9, 2019 Genting to Launch New Universal Ship Class for Customers — Targeted at customers outside Genting’s cruise brand portfolio (Dream, Crystal, and Star) — The first Universal Class ship was anticipated to be delivered by the end of 2022 – Intended to make cruising more like a land vacation — 88,000 gross tons; capacity 2,000 guests — Genting will operate the Universal Class ships for global hotel brands that want to enter the cruise industry
  6. Crystal Confidence 3.0 may be especially helpful for Endeavor sailings through December 2021. Final Payment is due 60 days prior to First Day of Service.
  7. UPDATE: Crystal Confidence 3.0 – Book by January 6, 2021 – Deposits Due: February 22, 2021 – Future Cruise Credit (FCC) must be applied by December 31, 2023 – 2.5 percent Early Pay: 90 days prior to the Date of First Service through December 2021
  8. The Best Available 2021 Fare for the May 24 and May 30 Serenity Dover round-trip cruises states: — Future Cruise Payment (FCP) may be used. — Future Cruise Credit (FCC) cannot be used. Is it possible this guidance applies to the April 1, 2021 Yacht sailing?
  9. Cruises now marked “Call for Availability”: Serenity — April 8: Singapore - Dubai — April 24: Dubai - London — April 24: Dubai - Rome — May 12: Rome - Lisbon Symphony — April 13: Lisbon - Barcelona — April 24: Barcelona - Rome — May 18: Rome - Monte Carlo
  10. Crystal Alert dated December 9, 2020: Issued $140 million in refunds to date; 63 percent of refund requests, etc. Appreciate Crystal’s long overdue communication.
  11. A Crystal friend told me about a U.S. National Institutes of Health Covid-19 study. Given the soaring number of new cases, it may be time for me to consider volunteering. Of course, I will discuss the risks with my Travel doctor, an epidemiologist at a respected hospital, before deciding to participate. Johnson & Johnson will conduct a fourth series of Phase 3 clinical trials for its one-dose Covid-19 vaccine in many additional cities. It’s a two-year trial. Some participants will receive the vaccine; others will receive a placebo. The study will include seniors and people with p
  12. Correction: October 22 - November 6, 2020 = 15 days.
  13. Recipient email advises to request a refund by November 6, 2020. I read this to be: If I anticipate I will not sail on a Crystal ship by December 31, 2023, I must request the Serenity refund by November 6, 2020 — it allows 14 days to decide from the date of Recipient email. i compared the current Refund language to the text of the July 2020 Endeavor Cancellation. The text on Crystal’s website is a tad different than the Recipient email.
  14. Maybe Serenity will begin to sail from Singapore? Today, cruise fares exploded: Los Angeles - Rome, Los Angeles - London, Los Angeles - Brisbane, Brisbane - Hong Kong, etc. Fares from Singapore - London are static — so far.
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