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  1. I have one inaugural book, of the Eurodam. Today I learned that there are more of these books. I cannot find anywhere to buy them though, but a perfect collectors item for me
  2. Just the plastic models they are selling aboard the ship. Bigger or luxeous models I cannot pay for.
  3. I collect plates from inaugural travels at Holland America. Old posters from Holland America, ship models of every cruise ship in the world. I even have a stuffed toy cruise ship to sleep with
  4. I am looking for the Veendam, Maasdam, And Amsterdam for in my collections. Due that this ships are sold, I cannot buy these online anymore. I am Netherlands based, so anyone in this region who are selling these ships?
  5. For me, it is a cruise or no vacation. But I am in luck.... I am only 25 years old. So I can afford to wait a while. And for now, I am reading a lot about cruise ships, the technique, how they function. That will get me through Covid times!
  6. I had it on Koningsdam, at peak hours it was a wait sometimes!. But I got there, thats the important part. But now with COVID, when I am in the Elevator, there is just no space for antother (walking) person if I don't want someone breathing in my face (i sit low ofcourse)
  7. I live in the Netherlands, and things are pretty rough out here. The infections are just as high as in march/april. And it is scaring me out. So, in order to keep a sane mind, I am focussing on cruising/and cruse ships all the way. Editing photographs, buying HAL souvenirs for in my house. It is a bumpy ride, but in the end we as humanity are gonna get there. Keep your hopes up everyone, we wil get there
  8. Limit the number of passengers per elevator. And: If you can take the stairs, please do so! Give elderly, people who have difficulties moving around and people in wheelchairs such as myself some space! At peak times on the ship, I sometimes had to wait 10 minutes before I could go in a elevator with my wheelchair
  9. I miss cruising .I miss the safety that a cruise ship meant to me. I miss living.
  10. I am getting emails every week. They did some virtual voyages on their Instagram and I joined those. They are there, and they will be back
  11. I always watch cruises on youtube. I sailed in January, lost a good friendship after that, and I wanted to go again. Alone. To get over the loss of that friendship, and proving to myself that I can be happy without him. But yeah, I have to wait a while
  12. But why do you all thinking these ships are gonna be sold? I know, Volendam came to the Netherlands last week and is now anchored up to our coast, Toegether with Nieuw Statendam, and, when she returns from dry dock, Zaandam. Well I wondered why Volendam came to The Netherlands, I hope that I will get an answer to that question soon. But for now, it is not on my radar that these 2 ships are gonna be sold.
  13. I read it, but I was really sad for the 'testing" part. I understand it, they want no covid on the ship. But for me it means, that I can set sail again after Covid. Testing is not the most easy thing to do for me. 😞 But maybe, when all this is taking longer, that I could put myself over that. For now I am trying to think that somewhere in 2021 we will have a vaccine and things will get back to whatever we called normal.
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