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  1. In my cruising experience, I have travelled with Princess Cruises, Royal Carribbean and Carnival, with Carnival being my favourite cruise liner without a doubt (the food, the evening experiences, the activities etc). I have never been on a cruise with P&O and back in the day I recall P&O having quite a sub-par reputation. P&O remains very affordable and I have recently heard that in past years it has picked up in quality. I am now looking to book my honeymoon for early next year and I am wondering, for those that have sailed on P&O (in the last 3 years)
  2. Hello all! My fiance and I are looking to book a cruise for December 2021 for our honeymoon. Currently we are tossing up New Zealand itineraries on either Emerald Princess or Royal Princess. We love our mini golf and I understand that Emerald Princess has (or had) mini golf. Does anyone know if the mini golf was removed during the 2019 refurbishment or whether it is still on board? I can't seem to find this information online. Any other tidbits of info regarding which to pick is greatly appreciated :)
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