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  1. Much appreciated! We plan to go on more NCL cruises, I just wanted to be better prepared on how to navigate then next trip(s).
  2. WOW... What an amazing community. Either some of you didn't read most of my posts or you are just trying to be rude. Thanks for those of you who have been helpful
  3. We told them ahead of time and I reminded them on board and at every venue. On top of that I called ahead for cagneys, specifically, and they connected me to this dietary manager but we were not really given an option. I don't know why... I didn't know what to expect and we did have to order it ahead of time, which, again, made us feel like it would be a pretty good dish. I am glad they gave her options and that her meals have been good. I wish we had the same
  4. Yes, that is who we spoke to and she got her veg/uncooked tofu plate. Mocktails... I assume they are just as you said, but is there a list? I asked for some ideas and nobody gave even 1.
  5. I hear where you are coming from but really when I say a comparable dish I mean just that. ONE dish that is comparable. Like a nice, fresh vegetarian dish. ONE! Not one option that literally was garbage, nearly inedible! I dont think that is too much to ask for.... Grill some real vegetables like they give you for sides at other restaurants. They have them and it would be easy! Not a 50 cent bag of frozen veg. that was steamed and some uncooked tofu on top! C'MON NOW.. Perhaps you are correct about my expectations. I expect for someone to put something in place of the alcohol. Even if it is just seltzer, but I cant see why something better couldnt be available. Alcohol is expensive(ish) and I am sure that they could come up with some alternatives. They have made non alcoholic mixers for a while and I would not call them high end compared to me having a pour or a double of a decent scotch or even a drink with grey goose or something. I mean, just have a menu for people like me who do not know drinks. I would drink something like a whiskey sour, a grand marnier, or whatever, but if you ask for those as virgin, what would you get? NOTHING? I mean.. I just don't know what drinks to order as a virgin drink. Aside from frozen drinks, which my wife just does not care for at all. Again, I am not bashing them on it specifically, just want to know what would be available. Saying "u can order anything virgin" does not help me.
  6. How would we know to request it? I did not know that we could get them to get us something from the buffet either... Good info to be aware of in the future. Thanks
  7. A full menu of mojitos?? We didn't see that nor did anyone of the bar tenders even bring that up. Can all the bars make those or is it just in a mojito bar? I bet that would have been great! I guess we will definitely look into that for the next time we go.
  8. We just went a few weeks ago and I think they revamped some of the menus. Regardless, there was no vegi burger on the menu. Literally, the only options on the menu that she could eat was a choice of a salad (which are typically pretty small, but I guess she could have ordered 2 or more?) and a tomato soup with grilled cheese. Of course, there were a couple of sides she could have gotten as well, but I with her getting the vegetarian plate, we were told she could not order off the menu and we had to order it ahead of time and that it would "be ready" for us when we got there. That totally implied (on top of them saying that it would be comparable) that it would be upscale. I guess we now know better....
  9. In response to many different people at once. I think you can ask for anything virgin but is it really a drink? Someone mentioned that they had heard a customer ask for a virgin long island iced tea... Well, you might be able to get that, but do you know what is in it? Its almost all alcohol so it wont at all resemble a drink that is fun. And, she probably would have been fine with just an iced tea but most placed did not have it and when someone went out of their way (thank you to that bar tender, by the way) it did not taste like any iced tea I have ever had. Very strange and not in a good way... It was unsweetened, as expected and hoped for, but it had the strangest flavor ever. I was just maybe looking for some advice on what to ask for that is good. I mean, a virgin vodka soda is just a soda and like I said above about the long island iced tea, is just not drinkable IMHO. I am not even bashing them on that, I just want to know what to ask for so she has some options. Again, she really loved the virgin mojitos, but some variety would be nice too. As far as just ordering sides at the specialties, well we were told you can only have 1 side and 1 app at Le Bistro (maybe it was because it was an AME perk?). But, I believe there was a veg option at Le Bistro, it just was not that great. I do not recall about Cagney's as far as sides, but I guess that is something we can look into for next time. In the main dinning room she had the pad thai one night that she said was very good. She got it another night and it was completely different and terrible. I guess it is just luck of the draw, but again, with limited options, you are kind of stuck with what you get. Honestly, she ended up eating a lot of her dish because she was hungry and is not one to complain (especially since she did not want to ruin my dinner experience). To the person that said they ordered virgin drinks for the kids, do you recall what they were by any chance? I know we went to the teppanyaki and she got the specialty drinks as virgin but they were just juice, which is better than water/soda water and it was in a nice glass, but still lacking when you have a full bar that could easily include some other options. We really aren't really looking for personal care and being specially catered to (or maybe we are?), but we are very easy going, which is why she never really complained on the ship. I was just asking for advice to make it better for us next time. We have 2 more trips booked and would like to figure out a way to make it a better experience for her. Lastly, I would like to just say we did not have a PROBLEM per sey , again, we are just looking to IMPROVE our next trip. We never eat out (maybe for good reason?) so maybe I just had unrealistic expectations. We are super laid back and don't typically need/expect much, just looking for options and hoping to see if anyone had some ideas. Thanks so far for all the comments and keep them coming if you have info to add! It helps me to put things into perspective as well as devise a plan and set expectations for the next trip!
  10. So... My wife has adopted an alcohol free and vegetarian life style. We assumed that since the NCL website specifically mentioned to let them know about her dietary needs well in advance, that there would be some comparable options for her to eat. I contacted them multiple times and was assured that there would be great options. When we got aboard, the options were extremely limited. I had mentioned prior to cruising that we had reservations at Le Bistro, Cagney's etc., and was told that there would be, and I want to stress this COMPARABLE options for her. Most of the places had a vegetarian(ish) dish available, but they were not good. They were visually unappealing and I tasted them and they were terrible. On top of that, it was pretty much the same dish in every place! I made sure to call the day before we went to Cagney's since there was obviously nothing on the menu that she could eat (yes, I am aware it is a steak house but NCL told me that they would accommodate her, which, to be fair, they did, but not in a comparable way). When we arrived at Cagney's I reminded the Hostess that my wife was Vegetarian. When the waiter came, I mentioned it too. We had a person that obviously was in charge of dietary needs come over and offer 1 choice to my wife, which she obviously took. It was grilled vegetables with tofu. Let me tell you it looked terrible and it tasted WORSE! It was literally a small amount of frozen mixed vegetables (low quality/variety mix too), with some uncooked slices of tofu on top. She smiled and ate her dinner, but it was terrible. All in all, she hardly ate for the whole week and actually lost weight while on a cruise. I typically gain 8lbs (hey, don't judge me, lol) and prior to being a vegetarian, she would too! The next think I wanted to bring up is about her being alcohol free. I asked the bar tenders if they had any mocktails or anything they could offer as a non alcoholic drink. NOTHING! They all kept saying things like "frozen daiquiri or a pina colada", which are low quality but passible IF you are having alcohol in them. I finally found that I could get her a virgin mojito, which she liked, but she would have liked some additional options. All this said, what could we have done to get a better experience? I understand that she is not the norm, but there should be more options that are of a higher quality. Did we just get a single bad experience or is this the norm? Are there non alcoholic options that they just didn't know about and we obviously didn't either? What have been your experiences with these issues? We would like to continue to cruise and to utilize NCL but I want my wife to have a similar experience and not have to have sub par food with few choices on said food as well as little choice of non-soda/alcohol options to drink. Thanks in advance! -Tony
  11. Thanks for the info... very helpful. Yeah, the cotton house was on the list too (we are using the AMEX plat perks) but this one seemed to have some interesting charm to it. Very small, quant and seemed to have the feeling of being part of the community, rather than a tourist.
  12. Currently looking to book at the Hotel Neri Relais --- Anyone been there? Seems like an ideal location right in the gothic quarter.
  13. Ya know.. the more I think on it. I do not have to keep the hotel. I only lose the perks if I cancel the whole thing and rebook. I really could just cancel the hotel and get a different one... I will think on this. Seems like there are some really good recommendations out there... We are more of the kind of people that like to walk right out of the hotel and get to exploring what ever is around and these seem soo much better suited to what we want.
  14. This lets you off at the pier? Is there a list of where and when this stops?
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