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  1. Well, Yachtworld is a weird place.I'm not sure how I even got there, but I did, and I was looking at all the Yachts, and I noticed you could select "cruise ships" as an option. I was not expecting actual cruise ships. You can buy the retired Carnival Fascination for 25,000,000! Or even an old Holland-America ship... for 40,000,000! I thought this was crazy, so I decided to share it with everyone! https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2000/cruise-ship--1432-passengers-stock-no-s2547-3699676/ https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1994/custom-passenger-cruise-ship-3763119/
  2. In Danny from Harr Travel's video, he pointed out that they actually rocked a bit.
  3. Aren't the genie rules no wishing for more wishes, no saking for love, and no asking for someone be resurrected from the dead?
  4. I'm in the Star loft, so will people in larger/more expensive suites (Royal Loft & Panoramics) get better attendance by the genie?
  5. Wow!!! That was a lot of amazing info, it sounds kinda cool for the key staff to know our names!
  6. Like maybe Miracle of the seas instead of wonder.
  7. Except the 2 ships that have been to china dont have music names. But I know what you mean.
  8. I'm staying in cabin 1718 (star loft) on Oasis OTS on June 18 this year! (Hopefully😬) This will be my family's first time in star class, which means it's also our first time with the Royal Genie... I wanted to know all of the things that surprised you about the Genie Experience, things that you wish you knew before your first experience with the Royal Service and things that surprised you! Do you have a favorite Genie? Share your thoughts!
  9. At least they didn't do the content OTS, flow OTS, and delivery OTS! (3 components of rap music)
  10. Exactly, its like the person writing mixed it up! Although its weird that they did adventure instead of adventurer. And in Vision class, Rhapsody goes with the music theme too. C'mon Royal Caribbean!
  11. Why do you guys think the Oasis Class ships are the only ones with names that don't really go with the class name, besides The Oasis, Allure, and Wonder which are all kind of mysterious, when did they think it was a good idea to name the 2 ships in the middle of the class Harmony and Symphony??? Like, that sounds like it could be part of some other class called Melody Class!!! They seem a lot longer too, and out of place. This is just my opinion, but what do you think RCI was thinking? P.S. They could have done Oasis, Allure, Wonder, Marvel, Reverie, and Fantasy, all mysterious and
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