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  1. Here in NYC suburbs, the world is turning again. The college sophmore daughter gets her second vaccine on Monday. Dear Husband and I are vaccinated.
  2. Ok, so the current plan is to fly overnight the 30th arriving 6:45 am on the 31st, check into the Melia to sleep for a few hours and then have that afternoon and most of the 1st to see/eat in Barcelona. If the departure time is 5 pm, what time do they start checking in? Would it not make the most sense to check in with the luggage as early as possible and then go sightsee? Thanks everyone! So excited for this trip!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to sell it to my dear husband!
  4. Thanks, guys. For a ship the size of Westerdam, how much time should I allow for wait time for the tender to get back on the boat for departure? Dare I assume if there are dozens of people still waiting for a tender that the ship does not depart? As a related question, if the ship embarks from Barcelona at 5 pm, what is the window of time between check in starting and the ship embarking? We are flying overnight from NYC, so realistically landing between 9:30 and 11:30 am. so could we go straight to the ship?
  5. I would tell you to go to PADI and look up the scuba shops on each island. All those boats take snorkelers too. And the vast majority of the time have a rinse off shower and cover from the sun.
  6. Hi All, It's been 30 years since we cruised. We are booked on the 24 day June 1, 2022 sailing on the Westerdam. For the purposes of planning excursions, what is the all on board time requirement before departing port? For example we are in Kotor from 7 am - 2 pm.Do we have time to have lunch on shore or do I have to be back on board 2 hours in advance? Thanks, Stephanie
  7. It certainly would not be a problem for me or for my family. And I would take great pleasure in telling any jerk who gave you a hard time to take a seat. They are generally reluctant to punch a lady, but if they should, my secret weapon of black belt dear daughter is happy to take care of business for us. I hope you will be on our sailing in June next year and will sit at our table !
  8. We are on this sailing too! We decided since we had to push it back for yet a second year, that we would do the 24 day Med Tapestry and Empires. When we initially booked a cruise with HA for last Summer, it was my Dear Daughter's high school graduation and 18th birthday, as well as her getting into her 1st choice pre med program, and my dear husband and my 30th anniversary. Husband and I got our first round of Pfizer last week. Dear daughter had The Bug at Uni 10 days after I dropped her off end of January. We would have cheerfully gotten on the ship as scheduled this July, but what's the p
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