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  1. Never said it was out of the question, not sure why you read it as such if I included it my options.🤔
  2. See for us, Floridians, this can be totally a make or break. Same as driving into Disney traffic on I-4 traffic---deal breakers!
  3. @TapiI agree with most points. We are seriously considering the Odyssey for many reasons. My son did have not-so-fun experience on a cruise to Cuba on Halloween. We were assured they would have Halloween activities on board but it turned out he was the only child on board😬 And there was nothing. The ship was older and did not have a lot for kid. Even the pool was salt water so he hated that. Oh well, lesson learned!!
  4. Miami traffic is horrible and Port of Miami gives me anxiety. I am originally from Miami then moved to Ft Lauderdale now in Central Florida. The drive to Ft Lauderdale is easier and less congested, hands down.
  5. @cigarking it is during Christmas break. His June 2020 Symphony of the Seas got cancelled. He bounced back. We live in Florida 😁 Thanks
  6. Hi everyone! We are currently trying to decide between three ships for our vacation that are in our budget. We are traveling with our 12 year old son. We have only done Freedom and Liberty years ago. Ship #1 is a 6 day Allure of the Seas Western Caribbean. Pros Ports, we have never done Price, super good deal Leaves from Fort Lauderdale Always wanted to do Oasis class More family friendly dining options Cons 6 day cruise Not sure how updated the ship is, 11 years old Ship #2 is an 8 day Odyssey of the Sea So
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