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  1. I hope they have.. but my app has been working for about 2 weeks now.. including being able to check in for a week or so.
  2. The 7th and 11th have not been on sale for a couple of weeks now. I am also concerned about what will happen as these were the 2 cruises that the free cabins were given away for. They gave away 999 cabins across the 2. Let’s say they averaged equal over the 2 so that’s 500 cabins per cruise spoken for which is already a 1000 people, not including people who have paid cash. I can’t see this ending well to be honest. If they cancel the free cabins, it will be a PR disaster cancelling the cruises for those working for the nhs etc. I don’t know if they’d consider sailing with n
  3. The non-alcoholic option is interesting. We're not big drinkers but have one or 2 alcoholic drinks a day but would be unlikely to drink in room - most likely in the evening with/after dinner. I know the $100 specifies non-alcoholic but is it possible to spend it on alcohol do you know? I think if it was $150 we'd definitely do it but not sure at $100.
  4. Thank you. We are just trying to decide whether to book now. We have a guarantee seriously suite on hold but have been told they could change that to an aft or corner suite if they so decide because it’s only a guarantee cabin. We really prefer the seriously suite and wouldn’t consider it an ‘upgrade’ so trying to decide what to do!
  5. I haven’t booked yet but are you able to book things like spa/restaurants on the app? 🙂
  6. Thanks - I didn't book a guarantee. It isn't showing on my booking receipt either.... I'm 99% sure I didn't see it mentioned when I was booking earlier but it is most definitely showing now! This is my first cruise with RCI, are the amenable to applying these sorts of things retrospectively?
  7. I've just noticed that the sailings on the Anthem are showing an OBC ($75 for balcony) which i'm sure they weren't this morning (happy to be corrected though!) Is there any way of checking whether this is on my booking?
  8. I actually have found a website advertising the prices now... I’m not sure if I’m allowed to give the name of it (member of so many forums all with different rules). Suite for 07.07 sailing is advertised at starting at £1069.
  9. Does anyone know whether the blue light 10% discount will apply to these cruises please? I know when I looked at MSC their 50% off was more like 30% if you were lucky so just wondering if we can expect RCI to day the 10% doesn’t apply to these cruises.
  10. Thanks for the info :) We are getting married on July 1st and hoping we can make this our honeymoon. Perhaps not the one we imagined but better than nothing!
  11. Does anyone know what passenger limit RCI is placing on numbers for these sailings? I’d be interested to know if they are doing similar to MSC with 1000 on the first couple.
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