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  1. yes and with the new have it all program the prices have definitely gone up. I just found more information: In addition, Holland America announced the cancellation of European cruises departing July 1 through July 25 on Volendam and July 1 through August 31 on Westerdam. So it sounds like they did cancel some of the European cruises. I’m sure they don’t want do them all at once. We are on the Nieuw Statendam so they haven’t announced that one yet.
  2. OK thank you. From the article that I read it really sounded like the Eurodam was going to be the first sailing in Europe. So I’m betting that are July will be canceled in the next few weeks. https://thepointsguy.com/news/holland-america-cruise-restart/amp/
  3. Hi, Is the Eurodam cruise at 50% capacity the one that’s supposed to start on August 15? From what I read this is supposed to be the first cruise in Europe, so I’m wondering what’s going to happen to our July cruise out of Amsterdam? I don’t know how that can sail.
  4. Even more confusing, yesterday HAL announced its return to sailing in Europe with a Mediterranean cruise starting August 15. I guess the July 18 cruise doesn’t count?! https://thepointsguy.com/news/holland-america-cruise-restart/amp/
  5. Currently the Netherlands is on a level 4 do not travel with the US State Dept and the EU has banned Americans from traveling there. Just would like some notice. Hopefully they will announce this week.
  6. Still waiting for a big announcement, we are set to sail in July 2021 out of Amsterdam for the 14 Day Northern Isles. I can’t imagine this cruise will happen?! What does everyone think? How much notice do they need to give us?
  7. Thank you I would hope that would be the case and that they wouldn’t be completely excluded from going!
  8. Hi, so you are booked for 7/11 And they did just cancel yours? Thank you for your insightful assessment!
  9. I wonder how the vaccination requirement will apply to kids? I have two teenagers that are going with us on the cruise. They’re not old enough to get the vaccine so I don’t know how they can require it.
  10. We are on the 7/18 Northern Isles Cruise also. Not sure how this is going to sail, especially now that The Netherlands is level 4 do not travel according to State Department and the EU is banning Americans. We made our final payment last week. They wouldn’t extend payment. I’m thinking we will be offered to push off until 2022. We got travel insurance so you get full refund if they cancel. What does everyone else think as far as it sailing?
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