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  1. exactly, thankfully most of the responders had helpful and useful things to bring to the discussion.
  2. Because while i have taken it on multiple plane trips. i have never rolled it onto a cruise ship and was looking for input as to whether other cruisers had seen such a thing, or done it themselves so that i could make a decision on whether or not to attempt it.
  3. I live on this bike, do you honestly think I don't know what it costs to ship it with me on planes? I've taken a bike to Mexico, flown with it to the UK, to Australia, to other parts of Europe, India, Japan. I know exactly how much it costs to pack it and ship it. I also know as an experienced bicycle traveler how to limit the effect I have on others while hauling it around. Throughout this thread, you've been pretty aggressive, condescending and rude. You act like it's gonna cause a massive logjam in the halls/stairwells. It wont.
  4. Trust me I would NOT check my bike as baggage. it freaks me out enough when I have to do so when I fly with it. luckily its pretty darned indestructible. the only thing that would give me pause is claim checking it's since it's stupidly expensive. TSA/Border Patrol/Customs always goes through my bags with a fine toothed comb, I travel with items that are hard to categorize with the x-ray machines as well as a truly stupendous array of pharmaceuticals.
  5. So much this, Stripping a bike is easy and everything would fit in a bike box. wouldn't even need to take off back wheel. It just needs to be deflated. also my particular bike has no derailleur(internal hub). i have literally put my bike, 4 panniers(empty) a tent(1.5lb) as well as a pair of shoes and a few other items in a bike box for flying from Mexico to the UK and from the UK back to the States.
  6. Reassembly is easy. basically 10 minutes worth of work. i really just don't wanna spend like 10% or more of my yearly operating costs on shipping it somewhere.
  7. So, as stated earlier in the thread, i have my stateroom to myself. the bike will be in my room with me. i can be one of the last to get on the ship and one of the last to disembark. i will have no connecting flights or other things to do after disembarkation. as for asking the cruise line to ship it for me, its a part of my luggage that goes in my room with me. do you consider them shipping your clothes? or toiletries? my bike isn't some toy I'm bringing along to keep me occupied. It's integral to my life.
  8. Interesting comment. Not helpful though. Do you ride your jetski across countries? Continents? Does your jetski carry the vast majority of your personal belongings? Because that's what my bike does for me. It is the single largest physical investment I have to help me navigate the life I've chosen to live. It carrys me all over the world. It is my home.
  9. As I stated earlier in the thread, I dont plan to use the bike while in port. The people I'm traveling with are not cyclists. I want to bring it with me solely as a convenience so that I don't have to return to Stockhol or pay to have it shipped to Amsterdam.
  10. I am going to do my best to mitigate the impact my bike will have on the stewards or anyone else while on the cruise, but like I've said in other replies, my bike is my main mode of travel. I basically live on it. The cruise is actually sort of an extravagance as it is with a bunch of friends for one of the couples 20th anniversary.
  11. Thanks for this info. It's definitely helpful. It isn't my plan to take the bike off the ship while in port, seeing as none of the others I will be cruising with are cyclers. It's mainly so that I can avoid going back to Stockholm in order to continue my travels.
  12. This is definitely true if I was just vacationing for a small amount of time. but my bicycle is basically my home. At the time of the cruise I will have either ridden from France to Stockholm, or be disembarking in Amsterdam to ride south to Italy and beyond. so renting isn't quite feasible. I just want a way to avoid going back to Stockholm to reacquire my bike.
  13. Hello all, First time posting here. In August of next year I and a group of friends are planning to sail from Stockholm and hit a bunch of ports in northern Europe. my question is has anyone brought a FULL size bicycle onto the ship. Not a folding bike like a Brompton or a Tern. I do cycle touring and my plan/hope is to fly into Stockholm with my bike and bring it on the ship and store in my room(I'm the only occupant) and then in Amsterdam continue on into Europe for a couple of months. Regards D
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