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  1. So as I live somewhere where it is not customary to tip, can I not tip when I'm in New York?! 🤣 Don
  2. Did you know that the 2 red lights indicate where North is and they move depending on the ships heading?! Don
  3. You've just gotta have the eggs Benedict with pork belly! Don
  4. Nothing is secret. Just well hidden until you find it! Don
  5. Sid, Enjoy your cruise - pre departure was the most stressful holiday experience we’ve ever had. Onboard was Service Recovery par excellence! Best holiday we’ve ever had and we’re Sandals Platinum members and 12 weeks at 5 Secrets. Service and food was to die for -we’ve already booked 2 more European cruises with Virgin (and we were true virgin cruisers,). Can’t wait to see your feelings on Bimini. Enjoy - envious Don
  6. You’ll love it! As a Brit I have to say not as good as a Ruth Chris’s in New York but otherwise very nice. 😎Order at least two starters, seafood soup was stunning, blue lettuce wedge less so! Desserts were stunning - pig out big time. Don
  7. Once you’re in, you’re in! Be nice to a server and he’ll serve you forever! Don
  8. Lean over the gate, lift up the handle and walk in! We were rockstars but when it was quiet in the uk they served anyone! Either that, say you’re thinking of upgrading on your next trip and want to know if it’s worth it! Don
  9. Richards Rooftop is open all day and into the evening. It only has a bar and no food but just outside the area is the Sun Club Cafe where you get some snacks. we went to Richard’s Rooftop to sail away from Portsmouth as it is at the front of the ship, but then realised it is surrounded by glass which obscures the view! So we grabbed our drink and watched from the side by the cafe. Don
  10. I suppose they do make it clear that alcohol is not included in their "all inclusive". The only events charged for on the UK cruise was the Pub Crawl (which we didn't do) and the Mixology Course (which we did and LOVED!). On both of these the alcohol is included in the cost - for the mixology course we had 5 cocktails (full measures) for $35 and two hours entertainment which included learning how to take photos of your drinks on your smartphone! Pretty good value I'd say! Don
  11. Enjoy - you’ll love it (even though as an over 50yo you’re not Virgin’s target market and are now past your peak earning potential - allegedly!). We were Virgin cruisers and loved it especially the vibe, the shows and the food (oh the food!) Don
  12. Alcohol, pressed juices, smoothies etc
  13. The $5 charge is dropped if you buy an add on costing at least $5! QTC
  14. Recommend Cocktail Hour with the Hostess! It’s nice listening and “free” except for what you drink!
  15. When you get on board, visit the restaurants you want the times changed for - they have a lot more availability. Don
  16. In the UK sailings bracelet colour was Black and Gold for "Rock Stars" booked in the suites and red for everyone else. Most "sailors" had their personalised name on their bracelets but due to delivery issues a few didn't and these had generic messages such as "Ahoy Sailor" and "Nice to sea you" on them. Mind you to get the best connection for using the bracelet as a key and paying bills etc it was best to wear the bracelets with the name side down! Don
  17. We were told that in the UK sailings, the reason the Wi-Fi was "poor" was that it was set up for the Caribbean sailings out of Miami, so hopefully shouldn't be too bad unless you'll be looking to stream films, play games etc. Paying for faster Wi-Fi in the UK wasn't an option for this reason. However on the UK sailing the Wi-Fi was fine for web browsing, mail, Facetime etc - never tried streaming films (no need with the up to date choices on the TV), but on websites with embedded videos, these took quite a while to open. Don
  18. As Mentioned, wearing masks was optional. I am a regular mask wearer. HOWEVER everyone was double jabbed and had tested negative, all the crew had been double jabbed and no Covid reports from the previous 7 cruises. Therefore this was about risk management and therefore from the moment I boarded Scarlet Lady till the moment I disembarked, I never wore a mask. I had one in my pocket in case I felt uneasy but the cruise never felt busy nor was I ever in a very crowded situation! Heaven! Don
  19. I’m not sure it’s the app more Virgin’s organisational abilities! For our 23rd August sailing the app didn’t open for Rock Stars until about 40 days out. Although we did get a mail advising us that booking was open, I found out first from these forums and by logging in every day to check. what we noticed that there were regular additions to the entertainment and regular releases to restaurant availability. What was frustrating is that once you have booked a restaurant, you can’t see any other availability as you are initially limited to one booking per restaurant. The only way to consider changing a booking is to cancel your existing booking, to see what else is available, but at the risk of someone booking your released slot. Also booking for lunch and brunch at the Wake and Razzle Dazzle were not available for pre-booking. Having said this, once onboard, there was plenty of availability (at least initially), lunch and brunch options were free and many were able to obtain a walk up reservation! It did make for a stressful pre sailing period though. Hopefully Virgin will in time, work this through! Don
  20. Probably tough to say what will be available when Scarlet Lady cruises out of the US. The summer sailings we’re only 2/3rds capacity so there likely wasn’t a full programme and what there was was geared to us Brits. There were quite a few bands all local to the UK and various musical styles - the theme was A Band of Brits. As well as shows in the Manor and Poolside, there were “pop up” musical acts throughout the ship and a regular acoustic set in the Dock. On the last cruise, there was an outdoor concert around the pool played by a well known 1980’s UK group - ABC, which was excellent. The summary for me would be, quite a bit of music, not sure there will be “cover style” groups. However I expect Virgin will have a completely new format for their Caribbean sailings - time will tell! Don
  21. Everyone has to be fully jabbed at least two weeks before the cruise and then a Lateral Flow COVID test by Virgin immediately before boarding.
  22. We are cruising tomorrow on our first ever cruise and mega exited. Our restaurants are all booked but ironically all the entertainment we had booked bar one has been cancelled! what is the process for luggage at the end of the cruise? Do we have to put it out the night before or can we leave with it on the morning with it?! We are booked for 10.45 departure. Thanks - Mrs Quacks is panicking!
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