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  1. Hi. We are booked on a western Mediterranean cruise in October on NCL out of Barcelona and trying to figure out flights home. The itinerary shows the ship getting in at 5am. Any idea what time we would be allowed to disembark. There are flights we can catch at both 11:15 am and 12:15 that morning. The 11:15am flight is about $200 per person cheaper but I am not sure if it is going to be cutting it too close trying to catch an 11am international flight. Thoughts for those of you that have done this before?
  2. As a follow-up we cancelled the Alaska cruise last night and rebooked a Mediterranean cruise that same week. The overall price was about the same. The Mediterranean cruise itself was cheaper but airfare to Barcelona was more. Maybe we will do Alaska one summer in the next few years.
  3. My wife and I are only able to get time off the week of October 11th and booked a cruise on the NCL Bliss from Seattle to Alaska before doing much detailed research. It looks like most other cruise lines stop the last week of September and I am worried about things being open in October or having things to do in port in October. I already realize that it will be cold and likely rainy but being from the Northeast 30's and 40's aren't that big of a deal to us and we already have the layers of clothes needed to be comfortable in those conditions. For excursions we are likely looking at thinks like hiking and exploring in-town rather than things like whale watching or a helicopter tour. Are we crazy for still going in October and will we be disappointed or will there still be enough around to do in-town? I can't imagine everything being closed down with a cruise ship with 4000+ passengers docking. Thoughts?
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