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  1. LOL!! That's sounds Glorious! That's our people! Thanks for the honesty. No family in the PNW. As much as I'd like to check off this bucket list trip for our 10th... it's sounds like we should really do Alaska right and wait. I'm starting to think we should plan it for next year or hold off till our 15th. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  2. Thanks for the reply. We are both fully vaccinated and good looking out about the passports, we need to get them renewed anyway.
  3. Hi, My wife (35) and I (37) are looking to plan a trip for our 10 year anniversary in September (no kids). I saw where some Alaska Cruises were supposed to be running this season and skipping the Canada port. We are very interested in an Alaskan Cruise but, neither of us have ever been on a cruise and have a couple of questions. We are in Georgia and are considering flying to Seattle for a closed loop Cruise. Since the Canada stop is being bypassed, would we still need passports? How do you experienced cruisers feel about closed loop Alaskan Cruises vs Northbound/Southbound? We love hiking/parks/nature but, are pretty introverted in general and like to avoid large crowds. Do you feel this year will be more crowded than usual due to the nonexistent cruise season last year? Last, I've always heard Alaskan Cruises attracted a different (calmer) group of people compared to say a Carnival Caribbean cruise, is there any truth in this? Again, we are laid back, not into the bar/party scene at all. Thanks for any help.
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