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  1. Spotted about half a dozen orcas from my balcony about an hour and a half ago. Highlight of the cruise so far!
  2. Wait there is a Chef’s Table? Any chance this is for people who signed up on the spreadsheet? If so I hope I’m in!
  3. Unhappy crowd of about 150-200 waiting to get back on the ship while gangways being adjusted for the past 15-20 mins.
  4. For anyone wondering they haven’t checked a reservation on anything I reserved through the JourneyView or DMW. There’s been no issues just doing anything I want anytime I want.
  5. Biggest pet peeve for me so far on the cruise has been the paper straws. They disintegrate before I’m 1/4 done with any drink. On the plus side, that’s the only negative I have so far!
  6. Dinner menus for tonight from the TV. I’m sure someone will post an easier to read paper version later.
  7. Just entering the inside passage and it’s a cool and cloudy morning. Around 53F, just my cup of tea. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain today.
  8. Desert menu for the MDR night one from my TV. Sorry about the quality.
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