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  1. Thanks again. I guess I need to find out from NCL if I can still get that 50% off air for solos, if I already have an NCL cruise booked. It is definitely worth a couple of phone calls to NCL if it ends up saving me significant $$ on airfare.
  2. Thanks. I think I've only made final payment on my next 2 upcoming cruises (but they are not NCL cruises). All other cruises are booked with deposits. I don't use a TA (book directly off the NCL website). I'm sure I could get answers if I call NCL's air-to-sea folks (which I will probably do). Getting 50% off my airfare could save me a significant chunk of change. My gateway will undoubtedly be Chicago O'Hare, possibly Grand Rapids, MI (I live in Muskegon, Michigan). If it is Chicago O'Hare, I would have to factor in that I would have to pay for (at full cost) the short flight from Muskegon to Chigago O'Hare and vice-versa.
  3. Forgive me if the answer to this is contained in the T&C's you just posted but off hand, do you know whether I can still use NCL's promo airfare is I already have an NCL cruise booked? (I usually book my cruises way in advance and then book my own airfare about 3 months out from departure). Thanks in advance. Update: I just read through the T&C's (in the NCL promo airfare section) and it looks like I just have to have NCL make the flight reservations at least 90 days before my cruise (which I do anyway, as I mentioned above).
  4. I don't disagree. But, as I mentioned, by booking early I have not had any problem booking RCIs studio balcony cabins. I'm not knocking NCL. They've just taken a different approach with their solo customers. I'm keeping an open mind and have multiple NCL studio cabins booked. I will be giving NCL's solo experience a try. As you can probably tell, I'm very pro-balcony (even as a solo cruiser). I'm also booked on Celebrity Edge & Apex in Single Infinite Veranda staterooms.
  5. Thanks. I didn't know about NCL offering 50% off the airfare for solos. Kudos to them. I do book early, so I have had no trouble booking those studio balcony cabins. I was even able to book one of those 4 studio cabins on Pride of America. Saved $736 from an inside stateroom (with the 100% supplement).
  6. Congrats! Yeah, I'd pay $83 to move from a 99 sq ft interior "cracker box" to an 180 sq ft stateroom with a private balcony. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I will trying all the mainstream cruise lines (NCL, RCI, CCL, MSC & X) from the solo perspective. I want to compare & contrast. My first impression is that yes, NCL does cater to solo cruisers (not sure if I would call it "the gold standard") but also important is cost and accommodations for solo cruisers. Here I think RCI & Celebrity are leading the way. RCI with their Quantum-class and Quantum-Ultra class ships with studio balcony cabins. RCI also continually runs their 60% off the 2nd guest promo, which essentially lowers the solo supplement to 40% and allows booking of any of their ships in any stateroom. NCL runs that 2nd guest flies free was does me no good. Celebrity has those Single Infinite Veranda staterooms on their Edge-class ships (Edge, Apex & Beyond). So far, CCL seems to be the least "solo friendly". However, CCL is pricing the "Jr. balcony" staterooms on their Excel-class ships (Mardi Gras & Carnival Celebration) lower than the regular balcony staterooms (they are just a "tad" smaller), so these Jr. balcony staterooms are much more reasonably priced and imo, within reach of the solo budget.
  7. I'll let you know. I'm just starting out solo cruising. My first solo cruise was July 17-24th on Adventure of the Seas out of Nassau, Bahamas. It was a great cruise! I am trying pretty much all the mainstream cruise lines (from the solo cruiser standpoint). I'm booked on RCL, CCL, NCL, X & MSC. I think only two mainstream lines I'm not booked on is Princess & HAL. NCL does cater to solo cruisers but the only thing I'm leery of are those tiny 99 sq ft interior studio cabins. But, I will be trying them out anyway.
  8. Thanks! I think I was able to book one of those 4 studios on POA because the cruise is so far out (May 6-13, 2023). On the date, I really didn't have a choice because I will have arrived Honolulu on the Ovation of the Seas (TP from Sydney, Australia) 4 days earlier, on May 2, 2023. I was waiting on RCI to open the books up for Ovation of the Seas' final leg on to Vancouver, BC but then I had the idea of cruising on the POA and then flying home from Honolulu after the POA cruise. Yeah, imo, Celebrity is a very solo friendly cruise line and is increasing their marketing to us solos because they've put 16 Single Infinite Veranda (SIV) staterooms on Edge, then added 8 more to Apex which has 24 SIVs and are adding 8 more on top of that to Beyond which will have 32 SIVs! See what I mean about Celebrity increasing their marketing to solos?
  9. Yeah, try one of those studio balcony cabins on a RCI Quantum-class or Quantum-Ultra class ship (i.e. the new Odyssey of the Seas). Or, if you want to go a bit upscale, try one of those Single Infinite Veranda staterooms on Celebrity's Edge-class ships (Edge, Apex or Beyond). The great thing about RCI is that they continually run that "60% off the 2nd guest" promo, which essentially lowers your solo supplement to 40% (very do-able for me). With this promo, you can book any RCI ship and any stateroom. Yeah, based on what the previous poster said about supply & demand, I'm sure NCL's studio cabins can at times, be higher than a regular inside (with the 100% solo supplement). But I would guess that this is the exception not the rule. For example, I just booked POA and snagged one of her 4 studio cabins (booked her far enough in advance). I saved $730 by booking a studio instead of a regular inside cabin (with the 100% solo supplement).
  10. I guess that can happen, where the cruise fare for an inside is less than a studio but I don't think it happens very often. Remember, in an inside stateroom, you're paying a 100% solo supplement (usually), so us solos get to pay double (yay!). But you're right, you do have to compare fares for the different staterooms, in case NCL has priced a regular inside lower than the studio for a particular cruise.
  11. I am just starting out solo cruising. I did my first solo cruise July17-24th on Adventure of the Seas RT out of Nassau, Bahamas. Had a great time! I made friends with a nice couple who "adopted" me for dinner every night. Never had dinner alone (not that there is anything wrong with that; see above). As far as cruise lines, I have done a lot of "homework" wrt solo cruising on the different lines. I'll withhold my final judgement until I have actually cruised solo on them but from the cost and "solo-friendliness" aspect, I would rate RCI & Celebrity #1 with NCL not far behind. RCI is #1 in my book for solos because, they continually run that 60% off the 2nd guest promo, which essentially lowers my solo supplement down to 40% and allows me to book any RCI ship and any stateroom. In addition, as a previous poster pointed out, RCI also has those studio balcony staterooms on their Quantum-class ships (12 on each). Another option with RCI. Similarly, Celebrity has those Single Infinite Veranda (SIV) staterooms on their Edge-class ships. Edge has 16 SIVs, Apex has 24 and the new Beyond will have 32 SIVs. This tells me Celebrity (owned by RCG) is increasing their marketing to solo cruisers. Anyway, I'm retired so cruising is my RAOC (Retirement Activity of Choice). I have cruises booked on RCI, Celebrity, CCL & NCL into 2023. I am sampling (from the solo cruiser perspective) all the mainstream cruise lines (although Celebrity is a bit more "upscale").
  12. There's a cruise line us Americans don't think about much; P&O. We did Diamond Princess a few years back on a one-way from Vancouver, BC to Whittier, Alaska.
  13. Yeah, I think you're right. You get OBC if you book your next cruise onboard. I'm on the roll call for the Aug 27th cruise but I don't remember seeing anything about a meet & greet. @GA Dave, have you seen whether our cruise will have a M&G? I may attempt to do a LIVE review of these cruises. Stay tuned.
  14. Me 2! I'm on the Aug 27th sailing and doing a B2B. $638 for a 7-day cruise In a balcony (solo) I couldn' t say 'no" Normally, 7-day cruises have been running me around. $2K.
  15. Wow, even before I knew about the no solo supplement on Celebrity, I thought Celebrity was a very solo friendly cruise line (with those aforementioned Single Infinite Veranda (SIV) staterooms on their Edge-class ships. Btw, Edge has 16 SIVs, Apex added 8 more for a total of 24 SUVs and Beyond will have even 8 more for a total of 32 SIVs!). Now, I think they are a very, very solo friendly cruise line! If Celebrity keeps this "no solo supplement" promo on, I'll be able to try Celebrity's non Edge-class ships (like you're doing).
  16. If you don't mind, I'm stealing this pic (if I can figure out how, lol)
  17. Hi Jaime. Just curious, is it still a good deal (worth the experience) cruising solo with Celebrity on a non-Edge class ship (i.e. Summit)? Does Celebrity have studio cabins on Summit? I know the Edge class ships have those Single Infinite Veranda (SIV) staterooms, of which, I am booked in one on Celebrity Edge for an Oct 2-9th W. Caribbean cruise. Curious and looking forward to trying one of those SIVs
  18. Yes. I've decided that cruising is my RAOC (Retirement Activity Of Choice).
  19. Thank you for doing this LIVE thread. I really enjoyed following along (and playing the "guess the towel animal" game, lol). I guess it is now up to @natefish95to "carry the baton" and also do a LIVE thread (no pressure Nate, lol). Yeah, I also had a great cruise on Adventure OTS on July 17th. Great crew and ship. So much so, that I just booked MSC Meraviglia on a B2B out of Miami on Aug 27th!
  20. Haven't been to Labadee (yet). The CC jet ski excursion has a guide up front and one trailing in the back. They did go by skill level with the more skilled jet skiers in the front positions. I felt good because after they guides saw me operating for awhile, they moved me up forward a position (a "promotion"). Or, the guy in front of me was that bad, lol. The excursion was a blast! We did "S" turns and jumped wakes and of course, jumped the waves (some parts of our run were more choppy than others). At one point, we stopped for a swim call. I'd definitely do it again.
  21. At Coco Cay. I had a day pass to the Coco Beach Club on days. I also did a jet ski excursion on day 1. On day 2. I had a day pass to Thrill Water Park but I didn't even use it because my body ( especially in a certain unmentionable part) was very sore from the jet ski ride (think pounding on the waves). So instead, I sat at the swim up bar in the Oasis Lagoon and pounded Pina Coladas all day. Decided to give my liver a(nother) work out.
  22. I agree. Remember all those "hurdles" the CDC was throwing up when cruise lines were trying to restart in the U.S ? I think RCI got tired of the CDC's B.S. and took action and put Adventure of the Seas in Nassau (CDC has no jurisdiction). Funny, after RCI did that, all of a sudden the CDC began "relaxing" their requirements for cruising to restart out of U.S. ports. Then, Celebrity Edge restarted out of PE. Yeah, I think RCI's home porting of Adventure of the Seas is only termporary (this summer) and they will repositiin her to a U.S. port this fall/winter. I thought I heard Galveston, Texas? Also, I think RCI is going to home port Oasis of the Seas in Galveston.
  23. Yeah, I agree about Freeport. I learned that RCI uses Freeport to refuel & reprovision Adventure OTS. And, yeah, the ship is not in port very long. @HBCcruiser& I bought a day pass at an all-inclusive beach resort (Port Lucaya. I think) but it sure was a short day and the time flew by. Still worth it, imo. All you could eat Caribbean lobster for lunch!
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