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  1. I might be reading some of the older posts but a lot of the 2019 reviews/ posts also have a lot of good stuff about ISP whale watching…some of reviewers mentioned more chances to see Orcas, more bubble-net feeding at ISP so I thought of going for it. Hoping the one in ISP isn’t a bummer… you are absolutely right about ISP as I was looking forward to meeting some natives at hoonah but we only have 4 hours at ISP and with the whale watching tour - 2.5 hours, I don’t think we will have time for Hoonah….
  2. Yea the 5:30 is no longer available but I think it would be great to do it in ISP as there doesn’t seem much to do at that port. But the ones in Juneau seem to be longer by at least 1 hour compared to the on in ISP. Let me know your experience and would like to know the tour company that you go with at ISP.
  3. Thanks I was thinking the same thing….I was wondering if not in Juneau I could try and catch the whale in Icy Strait Point?
  4. Hi Fellow Cruisers, so this is our first trip to Alaska and we will be taking the Holland America 7 day round trip from Seattle. I have booked the 3 and half hour kayak of Mendenhall Lake and also wanted to see if I can squeeze in the whale watching tour. Our Kayak gets done by 5pm and most of the whale watching trips leave at 4:30pm. I wanted to know from people that have been to the port of Juneau if there are going to be local tour operators on the port that might have a tour at 5:30 pm. Just wondering if there are going to be loads of tour operators with open slots the day we arrive with tours in the evening. Going this Aug 2021 and ship is in dock till 10pm. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures and providing valuable info….we are going to do the land portion of Alaska and will be visiting Denali National Park….for now I think we have decided to do Princess with Skagway…. thanks for all the help everyone…. Happy cruising!!
  6. I wished they just stopped at both Sitka and Skagway….
  7. Thanks for the valuable information I think I am going to roll the dice and go with Princess for Skagway….wish they could always just have the itinerary we wanted/wished….
  8. Thank you so much for this insight…I also checked that whale watching tours go through Stephens passage from Juneau so I think I m more inclined towards Princess
  9. Hello fellow Cruisers, Me (33M) and my wife (30F) are planning a last minute cruise to Alaska (first time to Alaska) in August as there are no Canadian stops this year (Yay!! as we do not have a Canadian Visa). This would be our second cruise we have done one previously to Hawaii (Pride of America), so we are familiar with NCL but completely unaware of what to expect or how different the other cruise lines are going to be. As we are planning last minute we would really appreciate any and all advise from people who have cruised before. We are mainly looking for 1. Glaciers, 2. Wildlife, 3. Sightseeing and the onboard activities do come secondary. So after much deliberation we have narrowed down two itineraries. 1. HAL - Seattle->Stephens Passage->Juneau->Glacier Bay National Park->Icy Strait Point (Hoonah 4 hour stop)->Sitka->Ketchikan->Inside Passage->Seattle 2. Princess - Seattle->Juneau->Skagway->Glacier Bay National Park->Ketchikan->Inside Passage->Seattle So after scouring for hours on the board I have come to the conclusion that HAL is more suited for seniors and has some formal nights (not for us) and a more uptight feel to the cruise whereas princess would be more in line with NCL and has a lot more activities on board (even though that is our secondary concern). So if the ports were the same the choice would be hands down Princess. Now I know I am going to ask the age old question of Sitka v/s Skagway but there is a twist. I have read through why one would pick one over the other and we really want to do Skagway as we get to see incredible views from the white pass rail road. We also did not feel that we were interested in the excursions at Sitka except the Sea otter and wild life watching tour. But would it be worth trading Skagway for Stephens Passage + Sitka + Icy Strait Point (only 4 hours) on HAL (which would be our second preferred pick). My pick for the cruise line is definitely going to be depending on the itinerary and not the amenities on board and I feel that HAL is giving us more ports and more picturesque travel compared to the route from Princess, but what do I know, I could be completely wrong and the path through Stephens passage might be pretty similar to the Glacier Bay National Park, so would love all the insights you guys can provide. Currently I am tilting towards HAL for Sitka+ Icy Point Strait+ Stephens Passage(just feel its more bang for our buck even though we might miss out on the WhitePass Railroad). Also if anyone can tell us any other differences between Princess and HAL (any recent travelers). Thanks in advance!!
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