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  1. Is anyone doing a post or pre cruise and staying at the Tel Aviv Sheraton. I am curious to know if there is a U.S. electrical outlet in the rooms. Also does the hotel have blow dryers in the room. Thank you.
  2. You made it so much clearer than anything I have read. Thank you for taking the time.
  3. You are truly a source of unbelievable knowledge. So very helpful. Much thanks for your posts.
  4. Thank you both for your answers. I didn't realize there was a visa specialist connected with Celebrity. I will give them a call. I am pretty sure that the author of this post is correct and that we are exempt. I was just concerned about how the authorities in Shanghai will know we are exempt and if we needed to present documentation, but the author cleared that concern up for me. I will make the phone call to Celebrity's Visa specialist just to be sure. Thank you to everyone,.
  5. Hi again, First, thank you for the beautiful package of information and pictures. Second, thank you for giving me the appropriate links for the Shanghai Visa requirements. I do have one more question, if you can help. I do believe that my cruise on the Celebrity Millennium from October 13 - 27 does qualify for the Visa exemption for the 144 hour rule. However, I read something about having some documentation to show that we are exempt. Do you know if that is true and where would I get such documentation for the exemption. Does Celebrity provide you with it, does Japan provide you with it when you land there, does South Korea provide you with it being they are the last stop before Shanghai. I am so confused. I called the Chinese Embassy in NY and they referred me to an international phone number for Shanghai Immigration but they couldn't guaranty anyone would speak English. This is the most frustrating thing and it's a shame that Celebrity doesn't take better care of their passengers on something so important. If you have any further information, I would really like your input and help. Thank you again.
  6. Thank you all for your input. Our flight is after 4:30 p.m. We were able to book with Jennyshtours.com. She was very knowledgeable about the times to get in and out of the cruise terminal and how much time we need to allot to get to the airport. She said we have enough time for a 3 to 3.5 hour tour and we stop the tour any time we feel it is getting too close for comfort with the return flight. Truthfully, she is only a little more than a transfer to the airport, so it was a no brainer.
  7. Hi, I am arriving on October 27th into Shanghai Baoshan cruise terminal for the end of my Celebrity Millennium cruise. We dock at 7:00 a.m. My flight is at 3:45, which means I should get to the airport by 1:30. Can anyone recommend a service where we can go to the airport (there are five of us with luggage) but see some of Shanghai on the way to the airport. If we get off the boat early enough, we technically have around 4 hours if we are off the boat by 8:00 a.m. I know that in the cruise terminals of most caribbean islands and some of Europe the taxis wait there to give people mini tours. Does anyone know if that is even a possibility and then we could have that person take us to the airport straight after? Thank you.
  8. Does anyone have a sample of the Celebrity Millennium "Today" daily flyers for the cruises from Tokyo to Shanghai
  9. Thank you for all of that information. We are not staying in Shanghai, We are going straight to the airport and then home to New York. Our trip is from October 13 to October 27. Would you mind letting me know if we need one and also where to look, Thank you.
  10. Your review was wonderful. I have one question. Did I read correctly that a Visa for Shanghai is not necessary? We are doing Celebrity Millennium in October (Japan, South Korea and China). Our travel agent said we needed a Visa.
  11. We are arriving on Celebrity Millennium to Shanghai before we depart for home. Our flight is at 2:30. At best we can squeeze in a quick tour of Shanghai on our way to the airport, if we disembark the ship early enough. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how we might see a few things (even if they are just a drive-by) before we head to the airport?
  12. scungileen

    Yokohama Port

    Hi, does anyone know if there are taxi cabs to bring you into Tokyo from Yokohama Port and what the cost for a ride will be?
  13. Thank you to everyone who replied. I am in the process of booking my own tours with several companies - Veltra and shoreexcursions.asia. Quite frankly, some of the tours offered outside of Celebrity look more amazing and they will tailor them to your special needs. I feel bad for people who aren't computer savvy and are in this predicament. They are at the mercy of the cruise line.
  14. Hi, I am not new to cruising, but I am certainly new to tour companies only offering tours to individuals below the age of 80. I have just booked a cruise to Japan and S. Korea for my family which includes my 81 year-old mother (she will be 82 at the time of cruising). I was about to start booking my tours when I saw a restriction on all of the tours in Hiroshima against individuals over the age of 80. I called Celebrity and they said that it was not Celebrity's policy, but the tour company they use. In my opinion, that is a nice way of Celebrity backing away, but in reality if they choose to use a tour company that age discriminates, then they also agree to discriminate. My dilemma is that any of the off-ship tours I am finding leave much later than we dock and therefore bring you back to late for embarkation. I am perplexed as to what these elderly people do in this port. I was told you have to find your own tour. Is that a decent way to handle your passengers who are paying a nice amount of money to take a once-in-a-lifetime cruise. It's simply horrible. I know I can't be the only person who has come across this problem. unfortunately, Hiroshima is not the only port, it's Kagoshima as well. Can anyone give me some guidance without breaking the piggy bank as to alternative ways to your in both Hiroshima and Kagoshima? I would really appreciate your help. To say that I am very disappointed in Celebrity at the moment is putting it mildly.
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