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  1. DON't Book Royal Caribbean. They will screw with you reservations. They will not give you a refund. IF you do get any type of refund you must wait 45-65 days for a refund!!!!!!!! They put you on hold for hours, hang up on you and generally don't care about their guest. I was on hold for 1 hour only to finally talk to someone who hung up on me 30 mins into trying to figure something out. Got not phone call back. Called back myself waited 45 mins on hold and then the call disconnected. Asked me if I wanted to talk a customer survey and nothing. Called back again call dropped but I could take the customer survey after 38 minutes. Finally called and they said they will give us a refund of some kind but it will take 45-65 days our trip was supposed to be for our 10 year anniversary and now we are robbed of this trip and the money. SO we have no money for our 10 year anniversary trip all because Royal Caribbean screwed us over. THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!! heartless company who won't help.
  2. My question for those that have been cost aside would you think it wise to spend the money on the day bed rental or the private beach club. Where would it be more comfortable to lounge in-between activities for the day if you are a couple?
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