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  1. They have re - appeared on the voyages booking page how odd
  2. Ive just checked and it would seem all the UK summer cruises have disappeared of Voyages booking page. It’s a possibility they are full now but yesterday there was quite a few available. and even the full dates still showed on the page. it now jumps straight to the Oct dates. Ive been checking daily as was hoping for an XL cabin to show to upgrade to.
  3. I called this number and they were really helpful and sorted everything out for me. its a UK number but transfers automatically to USA so no extortionate charges 020 3003 4919
  4. Make what payment? we paid when we purchased the bar tab. ive just discovered when you log in online it shows how much Bar tab loot you have Bar tab is in Hubby’s name so logged into his account and it shows $425 cabin was booked by me so mine so my account shows $100 promotional OBC
  5. Yes if you use the bar tab it’s then billed to your loaded card. Just have to watch out for bank exchange rates
  6. We did the same but when we booked I think we got 100 extra =$400 I was hoping we would also qualify for the extra sea blazers $25 but I can’t find anywhere to check bar tab balance? Have you ?
  7. Yes re #17 I only shot the part that said all sailors now need to go to the P&R 😊
  8. This is a great read ty 😊 I’m very excited to board 😆 this will be mine and bubba first ever cruise 😬😃
  9. I’m also thinking if I’m getting a lift can they then wait for me so I can wait In The car, then they can drive across to the test then drop me at the port.
  10. Surely it will speedy up the process by ensuring the people going to the testing site are going at the correct allocates time. the issue before looked to me more like there was no checking so people were queuing before their test time for eg someone with a 2:30 time got there too early caused pushing back someone with a 2pm testing time who got there in time. my concern is people on foot are sat in a waiting bus at P&R before the test time. Then all transported across to the test site. what if someone on the bus is unknowingly positive. This surely contaminates the whole bus of people going across? im sure it will all work out just so many uncertainties. tonorrow will be interesting to see. 🤞
  11. Not sure if this is new but I’ve not seen it before now. All sailors now have to go to park and ride first regardless of how you are getting there more info here under antigen testing tab https://www.virginvoyages.com/email/pre-sail-landing-hub#UK-Sailings
  12. On the App we have now? where would I find that as it’s not showing anywhere on mine. when I log in on the website it only shows me the OBC under future voyages not the bar tab. thanks for helping x
  13. Anyone on board that can explain how the OBC and Bar tab works once on Board. ive got a $400 bar tab set up already (which can only be used at bars) and also $100 OBC (Can be used anywhere) When we pay with the band how do I know what pot it comes out of? where do we see balance? Is it on the cabin tablet? Thanks 😊
  14. Wow I must have missed your “Tough” response to the potential of standing 3hrs in a queue in potential heavy rain 😮 wouldn’t be tough for me as there’s no way I’d be boarding with a soggy case of clothes. luckily virgins response has been amazing and I am fully confident that they will iron out the issues.
  15. Wow Now that’s customer care 😍 hopefully they will come up with a better plan of action going forward. thanks for the pics and updates you are sharing 😃 have a great time.
  16. I hope they find a better solution by the 20th dont think I could go 3hrs queuing and drinking water without needing a pee 😂🙈 also what if it’s chucking it down 😳⛈☔️ here’s hoping it gets better for everyone on future dates. Hope everyone on board is now having a well deserved drink and chill 😊
  17. Ty Wendy deleted and restored now and everything still there 😊
  18. Help please. my app is now just a white page when I try and open it. if I delete and reinstall will all my info (boarding time/bookings etc ) still be there when I log back in?
  19. Yes that’s exactly where it is. I drive past it daily
  20. I’d say not close enough to walk (30-40 mins walk) it’s an awkward walk as it’s just off the motorway. I plan on getting a lift to the testing location and virgin will then shuttle passengers to the terminal. (It’s About a 5 min drive)
  21. I’m sure I read that they will then transfer you to the port for embark. it may even change nearer to the time.
  22. I saw you coming from Manchester. That’s a long journey
  23. I booked my board time for 2:45 a week ago for me and hubby, Virgin system somehow erased all my checklist data from the app so now I have no board time showing however hubby is booked for 2:45 on his app still 😵 they should still honour it as it was their mishap. managed to book disembark at 10:45
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