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  1. We did exactly that earlier this month and had no trouble. I'm platinum with Delta, so we added my frequent flyer number on the forms we got on the ship for both cabins, submitted the forms and set out the luggage the night before, and all went well. It was really, really nice not to have the big bags. The Delta app updated me to say when the luggage got on the plane and the luggage showed up on the carousel when we arrived home. That's a nice service!
  2. It was our first cruise earlier this month, and we had the body lotion in our bathroom. I took one to the desk and started using it, and they replaced the one in the bathroom. So if you use it, you'll even get more -- or at least we did.
  3. We saw people in the Hollywood Conservatory (deck 17), at tables in the buffet (deck 16), out by the pool (deck 16), and down around the piazza. My favorite place was above the buffet near the basketball courts accessible by the staircase by the ping pong tables. It's open air and standing room only, but it was the least crowded and best place to get photos if you have good weather.
  4. On the Aug 1st sailing, there were plenty up at MUTS -- red and black checked ones. I used the pool so was up there a number of times, and they had them rolled and sitting on each lounge chair. At the end of each movie, they would collect the used ones. (One night they even collected my pool stuff and medallion even though I pulled the chaise lounge close to me at the pool.) They were also handing them out to people on Glacier Bay day -- many of whom were taking them into the buffet to watch indoors through the windows although it was actually nice outside. If you keep your eyes open, I'm sure you can find them around if your steward doesn't have any/many. If all else fails, they always had plenty of towels rolled in the bins at the pool which you could also use.
  5. Our cabin did not have one. There were only two USB ports at the head of one bed. The first thing I requested when we got on board was an extension cord, and they set it up that day and strung it across the room from the desk. The steward removed it and coiled it every day, and I uncoiled it and plugged it back in every night. We passed other open rooms during the cruise, and I saw extension cords in their rooms too. The rooms in general didn't have many electrical outlets. Our room had two US outlets (at the desk) and the two USB outlets (at the head of one bed). There were also other country outlets. We asked guest services for some adapters, and they said we'd have to buy them from the shops if we wanted them. It appears from the last post that different cabin configurations may have different outlets. It was easy enough to get a heavy-duty extension cord once you're on board, though. You can also request distilled water through the personalizer for your cpap.
  6. I had a top bunk two weeks ago, and it was like a marble slab. I sleep on my side and woke up regularly because of the hard bed and had to turn to the other side. I had to get the pillow from the other bunk just to keep my head high enough because the bed didn't let my shoulder sink into it at all. The other two on the bottom bunks said their beds were nice. Make sure you don't have a top bunk if you want/need a soft bed -- or make sure you have a top bunk if you want a marble slab!
  7. One person in our room ordered the egg mcmuffin type sandwiches, and yes they were warm but good. They come in a warming-type bag on a plate. Funny enough, on the day we were coming into Juneau, we were up in the hollywood conservatory looking for whales. A server came and dropped two of these sandwiches at our table. She said the person who ordered them was not there and that she had to deliver them somewhere. The person i was with ate one and said it was very hot and quite good. Given the huge lag times everyone had with getting things they ordered by phone or app, I suspect the person gave up and left long before they arrived.
  8. Yes, they have the door hang tag. We used it the last two mornings and wished we'd used it before. It was the only consistent and efficient way to order that we found. It came within the 30 minute window we checked and the order was correct each morning. The first morning they even brought coffee because they thought we just forgot to order it.
  9. I have untraditional dietary constraints and was on the August 1st sailing. They assigned us to the Allegro dining room each night at the same table with the head waiter so I had consistency for my evening meal. We loved our table with a window view which was also nice, and it worked smoothly. I liked the consistency. I learned I had to have them scan my medallion for them to know our table, and I just started telling them my table number so they let us find it ourselves. We ate at 5 pm (except in Juneau), so there was a line up of crew each with a paper table map waiting for the scanning person to tell them which table to take people to. For lunch we were told to go to Concerto. We had no reservations and had different waitstaff every meal. My lunch had been put in my record the evening before (created lunch and dinner menus the night before every day), and as expected, some days were smoother than others. The last lunch menu was a bit more diverse than others and I had a waiter that couldn't find my order in my record. He came to me 3-4 times trying to figure out what to do with me, and I insisted it was in there. He finally said his manager would come talk to me, but presumably his manager found my menu and we quickly had our salads. (I hope this manager showed the waiter how to find it to be prepared for others like me.) So other than a short delay and frustrating this particular waiter, it went smoothly because I knew they were entering an appropriate menu and trusted the MD I used to put it in terms the chef would understand.
  10. Yes, I believe you are reading it correctly. The Majestic Princess has been either yellow or orange for multiple weeks now, so presumably they have had covid cases off and on for that period of time. I was on the August 1st sailing, and we never heard anything about the covid cases on the ship at that time, so they keep it quiet. We did have a medical emergency that week with a passenger airlifted off, but they announced it was not covid related (and we heard it was a heart attack). We kept our masks on the entire time except when in the dining room or our cabin or swimming laps -- and that was before it was required. We have also continued to keep our masks on around our area before and after the cruise.
  11. The lobster place is actually a burger and lobster place. I don't think I saw any lobster rolls purchased, but I saw plenty of people leaving with burgers. Someone else can hopefully help with pizza.
  12. On the August 1st sailing, show times were 7:00 and 9:15 every night. We had 5 pm dinner and started notifying our waitstaff that we had the show at 7:00 to speed dinner along a bit -- and they had no problem with that. We wanted a bit of a break between dinner and the show instead of racing from one end of the ship to the other for the 7:00 show.
  13. We walked through some of the gift shops regularly on the Aug 1st sailing to get back and forth to rooms, dining, etc. There were lots of 30% off signs on Saturday. They also had a $10 sale on earlier in the week on ties, scarves, and other items.
  14. We were on the Aug 1st sailing. We went to the fruit and vegetable carving demo up on deck 16. Perhaps on Saturday was the ice carving, but we missed that. They announced each night at the 7:00 show that there were hosted games nightly at 8:15 and 10:15 in the Princess Live lounge like the Yes/No. We never went but did watch one of the Yes/No ones on TV and thought it looked like fun. We were also passing once during the day and saw another event at the Princess Live where they were guessing songs. They also have a couple of pools and lots of jacuzzis on decks 16 and 17 (indoor and outdoor). They aren't really long enough for laps, but I still did laps regularly and saw others swimming or watching the movies on deck 16. They ran during the day and night on a giant screen.
  15. The Majestic Princess has also had cases -- and more than one or two as have many other ships sailing right now. Look at the CDC Cruise Ship Color Status. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/cruise-ship-color-status.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Ftravelers%2Fcrew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html They say on the page what each color means. The Majestic Princess is yellow so it has met the criteria for being above the threshold although they don't say what the threshold is. It's been yellow or orange for multiple weeks now, so we know they've had cases because the data is updated regularly. I was on the ship last week, but we never heard about cases. Nevertheless, they are happening. We kept our masks on last week except in the dining room as did quite a few others on the ship just to help minimize the spread.
  16. Yes. There were a few of them on last week's cruise. The gym tends toward the warm/hot side, so bring light-weight workout clothes.
  17. We ate at 5:00 every night except in Juneau when we were on shore later. We asked for fast speed in the system, but it was slow and we found ourselves racing to the show and were even a couple minutes late for one show. We started letting them know we wanted to be out in time for the show, and eating sped up considerably. And I'm surprised everyone keeps saying that if you have the same wait staff, they learned your preferences. I had the same wait staff every night, and I was still asked for every salad and every entree if I wanted fresh pepper. I never want pepper and started waiving them off as they headed to me with the pepper. Same with the bread which I can't eat. They never gave up on me wanting bread.
  18. I just got off the ship last Sunday, and beware of gluten free if you can't eat rice. I have a restricted diet, and after a couple of days of berries for dessert, they decided to bring me a dairy free, gluten free piece of apple pie. My restrictions go beyond gluten free, and I was pretty sure I couldn't eat it. They actually got the flour package, and the first ingredient was rice flour. I passed on it and asked that I have mixed berries every lunch and dinner for dessert. I like them, they were simple, and I didn't find any other easy options. I saw sugar free dessert options every day at the International Cafe but never tried them. I guess I should have asked the sweetener but just passed on desserts. I never met with the buffet chef and usually didn't have much for breakfast beyond some vegetables from the night before and some fruit. Know that I regularly saw incorrectly labeled things in the buffet and IC. Copying what I wrote in the live thread: In both the buffet and the International Cafe, I got foods that were not what they were labeled. In one case, the salad had pine nuts and not pistachios like it said (and I can have both so no problems for me). In other cases, they just labeled things wrong -- listed cabbage when it was lettuce, omitted various significant ingredients, etc. I mostly got the little salads in a cup or on a plate in those places for breakfast the next day and was disappointed at how bad they were at labeling things. Again, it wasn't a big issue for me but I can tell I ate some of the wrong things most likely from these types of things I ate outside the dining room. I can also attest to the fact that perhaps because so many of the crew are from different countries that they struggled when I said a not-so-common word. For example I got pecans at the buffet often to snack on, and many didn't know which nuts were pecans and I couldn't point well given the glass barriers between me and the food.
  19. I am not Ombud and didn't have anything delivered to me through the app. I just got off the ship Sunday, though, and was a bit scared for people with severe allergies. Luckily some contamination doesn't hurt me significantly so I didn't have to worry about that with my food restrictions. In both the buffet and the International Cafe, I got foods that were not what they were labeled. In one case, the salad had pine nuts and not pistachios like it said (and I can have both so no problems for me). In other cases, they just labeled things wrong -- listed cabbage when it was lettuce, omitted various significant ingredients, etc. I mostly got the little salads in a cup or on a plate in those places for breakfast the next day and was disappointed at how bad they were at labeling things. Again, it wasn't a big issue for me but I can tell I ate some of the wrong things most likely from these types of things I ate outside the dining room. I can also attest to the fact that perhaps because so many of the crew are from different countries that they struggled when I said a not-so-common word. For example I got pecans at the buffet often to snack on, and many didn't know which nuts were pecans and I couldn't point well given the glass barriers between me and the food. Hopefully all goes well for you. I feel for those that have to be more careful than I do.
  20. My head waiter deferred to my MD (asst MD?), and the headwaiter told us he'd been with Princess 17 years and a competitor for 16 years. He was experienced unlike some of the younger ones I had at lunch. Every night when we sat at our assigned window table, the headwaiter said they'd start my meal but that Simone would come by to confirm it -- and he did plus set up the next day's menus. After the first day when I struggled to get any idea of what was in their food and walked out of the dining room in frustration, I was fine with this arrangement. I ate whole foods that were steamed and grilled and I could see exactly what was in them. It worked and relieved the stress. Now that I'm home, I can make whatever I like to eat every day. I wasn't there for the food. I was there for the wildlife and scenery. I didn't want the food to be a distraction.
  21. We got them from the customer service desk, but there was always a line in part because of the problems with the billing and the medallion (which notifies the crew who is in the vicinity and pops up their picture leading the crew to often charge the wrong passenger). I know people tried to view their statement in the app the last morning and complained they were no longer visible so they didn't know what they were actually charged.
  22. You are right. I actually saw the overall MD himself very briefly soon after boarding the ship and he set me up with Simone who I was told was the MD for the Allegro restaurant (an assistant MD?). Simone then set me up with who I was told was the head waiter for the restaurant, Nemesio. Simone told us that he had previously been a head waiter, and I know he was assigned to multiple passengers with dietary restrictions. Nevertheless, he made me feel like I was his only guest. It was Simone who told us to go to the Culinary presentation the last day because we would see Nemesio there since he's the head waiter.
  23. I could relate to many of the items listed above having just come off the ship yesterday. I would add that part of it is understaffing and part of it is training. Hopefully there is a quick ramp-up in training/learning, but I fear it might not be too quick. I went to the culinary presentation the last day at the recommendation of our maitre d who told us our head waiter was in it. It was the head chef and head of the restaurant operations for the ship and was quite entertaining. They said that 60% of the crew were involved in food and restaurants which increased to 70% if you included the bars. They said there were 72 nationalities represented in the crew. That is a lot of different languages and cultures, and the guests are overwhelmingly American given the covid situation. I got a number of "I don't know. Ask someone else." responses which were preferable to the "Your event was cancelled." when it wasn't or just plain wrong information. It will take time to get them all up to speed and able to answer appropriately. I will say that if you can get someone's attention in the Marketplace (which I did by shuffling a bit left or right and peeking around the ends), most quickly shifted to where you were to get you what you wanted. I really wish they had just had a stack of silverware wrapped in napkins available for the taking like they did in the International Cafe, though.
  24. That's exactly what I did to get to the menu I had. I had a head waiter and a maitre d. Each night, the head waiter got the maitre d who gave me the next day's lunch and dinner menus. From those, we put together meals for the following day. Those were put in my record to pull up the next day. It was the maitre d who kept telling me that something I thought I could eat had other ingredients not listed. He told me when they could be modified and when not. For example, I can eat goat cheese and asked about the goat cheese soufflé. He told me there were other cheeses in there and that they had tried multiple times for other passengers to only use the goat cheese, and it didn't work. Same with soups although the last night they did modify the mushroom soup so I could eat it -- the only soup I had during the trip. So we basically set up a pattern of items that I rotated -- salad followed by a few rotating grilled seafood options and rotating steamed vegetables -- with berries for dessert each lunch and dinner. It worked and was easy for them and fine for me.
  25. I just got off the Majestic Princess, and there were plenty of mistakes. When they scan their systems, they see pictures of the people whose medallions are closest. They then use those pictures to apply the charges. We had erroneous charges on our bill. The ones the last night we never got fully removed. I also heard plenty of people at guest services (was there too often) trying to get charges removed if they had ordered two drinks but the system charged them both to one person and they violated some limit. Guest services told them it was a known bug, but part of that line was people trying to get charges removed. I have to wonder if we'll get charges after we leave the ship once they input all of the paper sheets they're keeping of people making purchases that aren't input until later. Then we'll be on the phones. We saw the same. The crew erroneously told me one of my activities had been cancelled. I talked to others who went and said they were told reservations were made so the crew had an idea of interest. We ended up going later without a reservation and not a word about reservations was mentioned. No activities, shows, or anything seemed to even ask about reservations. Just go. Chances are that reservations don't matter. We also saw a number of situations where the waiters couldn't find the people who ordered something. It was saddest in the Princess theater where I saw them walking the aisles and going from one end to the other trying to find the person. We also had some food dumped in our cabana in the Hollywood Conservatory. We were on one end, and the woman delivering it said the person was nowhere to be found and she had to leave it somewhere. We inherited it. Then again, our orders (and many others) didn't come the second day. Apparently they didn't have the staff or something to deliver what was ordered and just ignored it. We stayed up waiting for it before finally going to bed.
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