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  1. It is 72 hours before the date your ship leaves. So for instance if your cruise starts on October 14, you can test any time during the 3 days prior. The time does not matter according to the wording on the sail safe page. The date is what matters.
  2. You also receive an email when you are 10 days out that outlines some final requirements.
  3. Not for me. I am perfectly happy in a balcony room for now. Can't justify the price. That is a lot of money I can use elsewhere. But to each their own. 🙂
  4. I have AT&T cellular, and they sell an International Day Pass plan, which allows you to use your phone just like at home while the ship is docked at all the international ports, and while ashore, for only an additional $10 per day. You only pay the $10 when you use it. You use the data, text and calls you already pay for - no other extra charges except for $10. I always keep my phone in airplane mode while we are at sea, and turn the airplane mode off when docked and it reconnects back to the cellular towers on the land at whatever country we are docked in. Never have had any issues doing it that way on previous cruises to Italy and Canada. No roaming charges as long as ship is docked. International Day Pass - International Plans from AT&T (att.com) I only use the NCL WiFi while on the boat to check my bill etc on the NCL app, and then turn the wifi right back off.
  5. My EDocs say that boarding starts at noon, but we chose a check-in time of 10-10:30 am when completing the online checkin. Does this mean we have to hang around for an hour and a half at the pier before they will let us board the ship? Thanks in advance.
  6. NCL handled my flights and I am pretty pleased actually. I was also already able to choose my seats no problem on the carriers website using the booking confirmation code. Booking them myself would have cost almost $4000 when I checked the airline website.
  7. Tipping is not the norm in the EU, but I don't see an issue to give a dollar or two for great service.
  8. I was able to book my 4 free nights at 120 days before embarkation. I booked my remaining two that i bought last night.
  9. Thank you everyone for the replys. I have all my reservations booked, for both the 4 free nights and the 2 nights I paid for. And so far they are showing up on my reservation online as well.
  10. Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated.
  11. I am on a 11 night cruise to Italy, Croatia & Greece that leaves October 14, and my confirmation from NCL states that I have 4 nights of specialty dining for free. We also bought two additional nights, for a total of 6. When I booked my dining reservations tonight for the 2 nights I paid for, my confirmation email says they are subject to a la carte pricing. Exactly what does this mean? Since I have the dining package for 6 nights, doesn’t that cover the full cost of the meal for 6 nights, unless I pick something that has an additional premium surcharge noted on the menu, or an additional entree? It has been 3 years since our last cruise, so I want to make sure I understand what the package covers.
  12. I cruise NCL because they don't have mandatory formal nights.
  13. IATA - International Travel Document News (iatatravelcentre.com)
  14. It does not say 72 hours before you embark, it says 72 hours before your sail date.
  15. Norwegian Cruise Line | Sail Safe | Health & Safety Protocols (ncl.com)
  16. They use a test similar to the Abbott Binax Now that you can buy for home testing. Simple and painless, and results in as soon as 15 minutes. Simple swab in both nostrils. I travel a lot, so I have taken several at home and very easy to do.
  17. I agree. I am sure it is the same one we had to stop by in 2018 when we did Pompeii. What a joke.
  18. That is great news. I assume it is the Escorted Pompeii one for $39? If this is the case, I will be booking that one today. Do you mind sharing the Instagram user name?
  19. It should show exactly how many nights you are getting on your booking confirmation from NCL. At least mine does.
  20. That is correct. But I use them for my own peace of mind and test myself often at home with them. I also have some of the Emed ones for travel.
  21. Yes. Per the sail safe page for Italy only.
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