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  1. It will keep it cool enough to prevent milk from spoiling, but it won't be "cold". We always get milk, yogurt, and some fresh fruit at the lido to keep in the cabin fridge thing, nothing worse than a hangry toddler
  2. Agreed with the snacks and everything else on the first post. Some single serve packets of formula and/or an extra hand breast pump. We bring a few favorite books and a blanket to make bedtime smooth. Bring a package more of diapers than you think you need nothing else than running out. Bring more clothes than you think you need. Kids silverware. Rcl lends out toys for under 3, just ask at the nursery.
  3. Disposable pads, found with the adult incontinence supplies at any drug store. And a bag of oxyclean or shout sprayer for any accidents on clothes. We also brought a heavy duty trash bag for dirty clothes, kept the smelly things separate.
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