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  1. Some insurances do not cover the testing for leisure travel. I have TriCare and it does not cover COVID testing for "leisure travel, curiosity or personal interest." I had to get reimbursed from my health savings/flexible spending account. I get leary when people say that the COVID test is free and the company testing asks for insurance information. If tests are free, they should not ask for insurance information. Bottom line is that people should be cognizant of this.
  2. You're well informed and on point with the situation. Abbott was ahead of their time and over estimated the initial market. The situation finally pushed the travel market towards telehealth testing. The insurance industry now needs to move forward with covering test costs for leisure travel.
  3. Once you connect online for the test, it’s like a walk-in and you are qued. For my experience in August it took less than a minute for a proctor to arrive. It may be hit and miss on wait times, but most people who have shared their recent experiences have not waited long for a proctor.
  4. eMed.com. Mine originally was suppose to expire in Oct 2021, but I found an FDA letter extending the expiration for the manufacture lot that I bought. That’s what you need to look for.
  5. No, it's like a walk-in, only using the App or via eMed.com.
  6. Most won't expire until February 2022. I have been monitoring my manufacture lot# and cross referencing with FDA expiration extension approval letters. These kits are proving to have a longer shelf-life.
  7. It's Now Carnival Cruise Line Official! Carnival Cruiseline has finally put it writing...The Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test satisfies the pre-travel testing requirement for vaccinated cruisers!
  8. Carnival Cruise Line has finally put it in writing...The Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test satisfies the pre-travel testing requirement for vaccinated cruisers!
  9. Thank you for sharing this post and confirming that this proctored home test is acceptable to Carnival.
  10. Yes, indeed three days is the current requirement. Health and safety protocols remain dynamic. The 48-72 hours was the initial requirement; however, due to many complaints and confusion as to when the clock starts to tick, they decided to simplify it with the number of days.
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. Please do let us know how it goes the day you embark.
  12. No appointment needed just go to eMed.com and click on "Start Test."
  13. Make sure it's the BinaxNOW Home Test and not the BinaxNOW Self Test.
  14. I don't think that this one is the same one as the $23.99. There is the "Self-Test" (BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Self-Test) kit, which does not link to Navica App, proctored test and digital certificate. The one I demonstrated in the video is the "Home Test" (BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Home Test) kit, which can produce all the result information requirements for Carnival's policy. The "Self-Test" does not meet that requirement.
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