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  1. Entered my ID and PW which led me to the "We need additional Information" which I completed. Said, I was now signed in. Well, yes, I was signed in but to a WHOLE NEW account with new Member Number and no Princess history. Wonder if we are still booked for our November cruise as I have no way of finding our on their web. Wonder what I'll get when I call "my personal representative" who BTW in on indefinite leave. Confidence is waning.
  2. Premium balconies on a grand class ship (Crown, Ruby, Caribbean, etc.) are mid-ship on Caribe (10) deck. Balconies on Caribe are the same size and the stateroom is the same size. Prices fore and aft are similar, mid-ship they are a higher price. (Didn't used to be that way but Princess smartened up and raised the price and called them a Premium Balcony...all about marketing.) As Nini stated it's all about location.
  3. With a land cruise on Amtrak's Southwest Chief #3 in a private bedroom CHI to LAX RT. Much more civilized than crammed into a plane.
  4. This from Porthole Cruise: A key provision in the new COVID-19 stimulus bill currently awaiting the President’s signature provides $500 million in aid for large corporations, but there’s a catch. In order to qualify for the aid, corporations must be “created or organized in the United States or under the laws of the United States” and have a majority of their employees based in the US. That provision means that stimulus money will not be given to the three largest cruise brands: Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line. While all of these c
  5. There are CB roll calls for every cruise from April 18 to June 20 all with 0 members...but no roll call listed for May 30. Suggesting I start one confused me. How were the others listed but not the May 30? How were eight listed with no members? Just wondering.
  6. Why is there no Roll Call listed for the May 30 CB sailing? CC error? My error? Curious minds at work. Thanks.
  7. On our October Crown cruise we had the NEW robes...very nice and should fit most comfortably.
  8. FWIW...Just off the Crown and we took 24 cans (2 cases) of LaCroix soda duck taped, with a convenient handle. Checked it with our luggage and it was waiting at our stateroom door with the luggage...no questioned asked.
  9. "Ask and you will (maybe) receive." On our recent Crown cruise, our steward had a chair in our cabin about ten minutes after we asked for one...and it was in excellent condition. We used it a lot and only had to move it if we infrequently needed to get into the fridge.
  10. This is what I get: Looking for Cruise Personalizer? The page you are trying to reach is unavailable or may no longer exist.
  11. Ditto what Lindsaygal said. We ordered the Amazon fitbit zip bands and since we had a medallion from our CB cruise last fall we can attest that they fit ... not perfect but close to it. A much better deal than the ones you could purchase on board or the lanyard option...unless fashion is important.
  12. Some times mischief gets the better of me. 😎On a recent cruise, on my way to breakfast around 8:00 a lovely senior lady looking for a lounge and towel, asked if I knew how to get a towel as there weren't any in the towel bin and there was no attendant around. I said,"Let me check for you." While she went looking fir her towel, I gently removed a pair flip-flops and a magazine from two "reserved" lounges with four towels, rolled up two of them and handed them to her. She said, "Thank you. How did you find them?" I just told her, "I have my ways." A sad chair hog and a happy cruiser!
  13. Yup...my Soda and More which I had reserved for this fall is now "Out Of Stock." Way to go sneaky Princess.🤬 You'd think if one had a package reserved they would honor that... NOT. First the missing chair and now this - Princess, you are continuing to add to the bad taste in my mouth. Disappointed!
  14. The many observations that the missing chair would/could result in increased revenue per Princess cruise, reminded me of that old marketing proverb definition of a customer, "He is someone, out there who, with proper cunning, can be relieved of his loose change." We don't sail again until October and maybe a chair will then reappear because PCL realized the error of their ways. That being said, our 15 day spring 2020 cruise is now in serious jeopardy with out a Princess mea clupa. I think I hear the Celebrity web site calling us.
  15. Remember the "Good Old Days" when there were two stateroom chairs but ALSO FOUR chairs on the Caribe balconies with TWO tables - large and small. This was an ideal setup for the Deluxe Balcony Breakfast and the UBD. Or just snacking and lounging on sea days. This photo is from the Crown in 2004. Ahhh memories.
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