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  1. This is what I get: Looking for Cruise Personalizer? The page you are trying to reach is unavailable or may no longer exist.
  2. Ditto what Lindsaygal said. We ordered the Amazon fitbit zip bands and since we had a medallion from our CB cruise last fall we can attest that they fit ... not perfect but close to it. A much better deal than the ones you could purchase on board or the lanyard option...unless fashion is important.
  3. Some times mischief gets the better of me. ๐Ÿ˜ŽOn a recent cruise, on my way to breakfast around 8:00 a lovely senior lady looking for a lounge and towel, asked if I knew how to get a towel as there weren't any in the towel bin and there was no attendant around. I said,"Let me check for you." While she went looking fir her towel, I gently removed a pair flip-flops and a magazine from two "reserved" lounges with four towels, rolled up two of them and handed them to her. She said, "Thank you. How did you find them?" I just told her, "I have my ways." A sad chair hog and a happy cruiser!
  4. ExDean


    Yup...my Soda and More which I had reserved for this fall is now "Out Of Stock." Way to go sneaky Princess.๐Ÿคฌ You'd think if one had a package reserved they would honor that... NOT. First the missing chair and now this - Princess, you are continuing to add to the bad taste in my mouth. Disappointed!
  5. The many observations that the missing chair would/could result in increased revenue per Princess cruise, reminded me of that old marketing proverb definition of a customer, "He is someone, out there who, with proper cunning, can be relieved of his loose change." We don't sail again until October and maybe a chair will then reappear because PCL realized the error of their ways. That being said, our 15 day spring 2020 cruise is now in serious jeopardy with out a Princess mea clupa. I think I hear the Celebrity web site calling us.
  6. Remember the "Good Old Days" when there were two stateroom chairs but ALSO FOUR chairs on the Caribe balconies with TWO tables - large and small. This was an ideal setup for the Deluxe Balcony Breakfast and the UBD. Or just snacking and lounging on sea days. This photo is from the Crown in 2004. Ahhh memories.
  7. How about this as a possible (short term) solution. Easily could fit in a suite case and if one so desired it could be left with your stateroom steward possible for the next guest if you didn't want to schlep it home. Available for about 25 bucks. Just a thought...๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. As a possible solution...fits in luggage and you could leave it with the steward for the next guest if you didn't want to schlep it home. If it's in the way we just fold it up. Just a thought. Might even embarrass Princess into replacing the chair. $26 at Amazon. Just a happy thought! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Quik Chair Portable Folding Chair with Arm Rest Cup Holder and Carrying and Storage Bag
  9. Is the unused OBC we get with our Princess Visa refundable or not at the end of our cruise? Thanks.
  10. "For safety" ??? Didn't realize the hazardous situation we were in when we put our feet up to relax and watch a sunset or just the passing ocean scene. Perhaps someone tripped on one which resulted in a lawsuit and the lawyers entered the stateroom furnishing scene and the bean counters panicked. After 15 Princess cruises we now learn of potential hazards sitting comfortably on our balcony. Thank you Princess for making us safe.๐Ÿ™„ Seasoned cruisers will notice, but the newbies (the Princess future market) will never know what nice touches they missed. This is a disappointment.
  11. In October Caribbean sailings the OM is on the Crown...listed on the Princess website as Ocean Medallion Vacation. We're looking forward to our 10/8 cruise.
  12. ExDean


    Can't verify about Lido deck eggs...but, when we took the UST on the Ruby when we went through the kitchen they told us that they board more than 60,000 eggs per cruise. These are used, so we were told, for for baking and other recipes. Can't say how many ended up on the Lido buffet. Obviously fried and poached eggs are "real."
  13. Have always found the "alcohol table" at FLL to be a casual affair. Not any policing with passengers pouring through security screening. If they "see" a bottle or two they say go to the Princess table. But how many just bypass the table and continue to check-in? Our last cruise we each had a backpack - one with one bottle of wine and the other with three bottles. Security asked to check my wife's and told her to take her one bottle to the alcohol table. Of course they just said you're OK. However, the backpack with the three bottles passed through without question! Just another adventure of cruising.
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