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  1. If you are going to use your debit card, I suggest you call your bank to let them know what your plans are ahead of time. You wouldn't want them to think it is fraudulent activity and block your charges.
  2. Hennessy shots on the Freedom of the Seas were $9.44 each on my recent August 11, 2018 sailing.
  3. Yes, I did hear from them! I'm all set for the East Side Tour when I visit in a couple of days.
  4. Thank you for responding. I will give it a few more days. I am just getting a little anxious because I am traveling with a group of 12 on the Freedom of the Seas next month.
  5. CrystalBlue

    Irie Tours

    Are they still doing tours? Sent two emails and haven’t gotten a response back. Trying to book a tour for next month. Does anyone know of a better way to reach them, I just used the email on their website. Thanks
  6. Thank you! Traveling with a group of 13 and looking for the best way to get to the pier.
  7. Is the $1 luggage fee per bag? Also the price listed for the pier and airport fee is per taxi, not per person correct.? Do they have vans available for large groups? Thanks
  8. I just got off the Explorer on Sunday and 4 envelopes were left in my room with a letter from Royal Carribbean about their new gratuity policy. One for the Head Waiter, Waiter, Asst. Waiter and Stateroom Attendant. No names were printed on them, but the stateroom attendant envelope did have my cabin number written on it. I had pre-paid my gratuities, but I did leave extra money in the envelopes because I had great service. I didn't feel pressure to leave any thing extra. The letter clearly stated that gratuities would be added to seapass accounts on the last day if you haven't pre-paid and it was your choice to leave extra in the envelopes.
  9. Thanks! Any recommendations for a sunset cruise?
  10. Love the pics! I leave in 16 days and I can't wait. Look forward to reading more of your review. I never left from NJ before and was wondering when did they open up the pool.
  11. Help! I will be arriving in Nassau at the end of this month on the Explorer of the Seas and I have been going crazy trying to find something to do during my time there. Blue Lagoon closes at 4 pm. All the Resort day passes seem to only go until 5 pm. I really don't want to pay for the day pass since it will be for such a short time. The ship does offer the Sea Lion swim at Blue Lagoon, but states that you will only have 30 minutes after the swim to shop. I am not sure how they are even offering that excursion since they close at 4 pm. No kids on this trip just two adult women that wanted to explorer Nassau a little and hit a beach if possible. Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
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