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  1. Standup Comedy Show is listed twice in my Cruise Planner. Are those two different comedy shows that I should schedule? I only scheduled one so far.
  2. Congratulations! I have my first cruise as Emerald Status next month and I am so excited.
  3. Thanks, I did go back and check and you are right, it was listed for lunch on a sea day. Still a little confused because it was listed as Izumi Hibatchi for lunch on day 2 and 6 . On day 3 is was listed as Izumi Hibatch & Sushi. For dinner it is listed as Izumi Hibatchi & Sushi. That sailing had 3 sea days. I wonder if they switch between Hibatchi and Sushi offerings for lunch depending on the number of sea days, do you think they would call it Izumi Hibatch and only serve Sushi?
  4. Is Izumi Hibachi offer for lunch on Symphony of the Seas? I was reading a review from March 2019 and it was listed in the Cruise compass, but it didn't come up as an option in my cruise planner for my cruise leaving in 27 days. Is that currently still a lunch option on Symphony? If so, how much is it? Thanks
  5. The times and dates of Hairspray have changed. Not sure if it is just for my sailing or not, but I just received this email a few days ago about my upcoming August trip: We have processed a change to your reservation made using our Cruise Planner based on one of the following scenarios: A change in departure time for your reservation was made by the tour operator; A change has been made to your cruise itinerary or one of the ports visited that required for your reservation to be changed; A change has been made to your arrival and/or departure time for a specific port that required for your reservation to be changed. Special Note: Dear Guest, Please note that due to the installation of a new cast we have had to move some of the dates and times of the scheduled shows. All of your reservations have automatically been moved to the new date and time listed below. If you would like to reschedule, please visit www.royalcaribbean.com or onboard visit our Box Office. Original Showtime: Hairspray! on August 17th at 8:30pm New Showtime: Hairspray! on August 22nd at 3:30pm. I only see times for day 6 and 7 in my cruise planner now.
  6. If you are going to use your debit card, I suggest you call your bank to let them know what your plans are ahead of time. You wouldn't want them to think it is fraudulent activity and block your charges.
  7. Hennessy shots on the Freedom of the Seas were $9.44 each on my recent August 11, 2018 sailing.
  8. Yes, I did hear from them! I'm all set for the East Side Tour when I visit in a couple of days.
  9. Thank you for responding. I will give it a few more days. I am just getting a little anxious because I am traveling with a group of 12 on the Freedom of the Seas next month.
  10. CrystalBlue

    Irie Tours

    Are they still doing tours? Sent two emails and haven’t gotten a response back. Trying to book a tour for next month. Does anyone know of a better way to reach them, I just used the email on their website. Thanks
  11. Thank you! Traveling with a group of 13 and looking for the best way to get to the pier.
  12. Is the $1 luggage fee per bag? Also the price listed for the pier and airport fee is per taxi, not per person correct.? Do they have vans available for large groups? Thanks
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