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  1. But transiting via CPH doesn't mean that you are entering Copenhagen and Denmark. 🙂
  2. When you can't visit us in person you can do it virtually 🙂 Here is a 360 degree view of Frederiksborg Palace. http://www.360-foto.dk/nationalhistorisk-museum/
  3. Denmark is now closed for entrance for all non danish citizens until april the 13th. You can now only enter Denmark if you have a Danish passport, transporting food, goods or medicine or if you have family members that are critical ill.
  4. Denmark is in a lockdown the next 2 weeks in order to try to contain the virus. All schools are closed most public workers are sent on a payed vacation.
  5. If you can time it with the 203 bus then you can reduce the travel time. It departs from Roskilde station at XX:29 and XX:57 towards Veddelev, it only takes 6 minututes or 3 stops. Depending on what train you catch from Østerport it then takes from 31 to 39 minutes to get there.
  6. Look on the first page in my Wonderful Copenhagen thread. There is all the info you need.
  7. Does the Copenhagen to Oslo and Frederikshavn to Larvik cruise ferriea count 🙂 Besides trying to be funny I have nothing to add. Sorry 🙂
  8. What is the mane of the ship and what date are we talking about.
  9. Nørrebro Bryghus, Mikkeler, Evil Twin, Amager Bryghus, Braunstein, Hornbeer, Herslev Bryghus. And then we have plenty of other danish Micro breweries but if you say local then Its the one I can think off. The Visit Carlsberg museum is closed because of renovation and it will probably not open during this cruise deason.
  10. Hotel Sankt Annæ is also a good option, in that area you could also check out Scandic Front or Copenhagen Admiral Hotel.
  11. I would say that its walkable, but instead you can just take bus 5C from the central station towards Københavns Lufthavn or Sundbyvester Plads and get off at Otto Mønsteds Plads. https://www.google.dk/maps/dir/Danhostel+Copenhagen+City,+H.+C.+Andersens+Boulevard,+Copenhagen/Otto+Mønsteds+Plads+(Rysensteensgade),+1563+København/@55.6712057,12.5742702,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x46525314bba5661d:0x3e0085970c383aba!2m2!1d12.5767237!2d55.6710805!1m5!1m1!1s0x465253134fc815f7:0x58454ae2bb9138f4!2m2!1d12.5740638!2d55.6708919!3e2
  12. Wow Selma looks wonderful, I have never heard about it but the reviews on both google and Tripadvisor looks good and I took a look on the menu. It is pricey but I´m sure that the quality can live up to the price tag. btw I was just curious so I looked at other high end Smørrebrøds restaurants and the price level is roughly the same as Aamanns and actually cheaper than Ida Davidsen. So expect around 400-500 kroner per person if you include a snaps and a beer. (you have to have a Snaps for your Smørrebrød)
  13. Ascot is really good located, just remember that Pumpehuset has outdoor summer koncerts. Victoria is located a little bit far away from the main attractions, I think you will be sorry for the long walks every day to get to a d from the hotel. But as long as you book a hotel near the central station and Kongens Nytorv you can't go that wrong. Because you will have access to train or metro from the airport and metro line M4 will tale you most of the way out to the Cruise terminals. But more on that when I know the details around shuttle busses etc.
  14. Yes Tivoli will surely be something for the kids. Hallasm gave some suggestion but besides the canal tour and the palaces I don't know how kids friendly they are. I would probably go to see the pandas at the zoo or go to the blue planet aquarium. I don't know if the girls are interested in old cultures and vikings, but else the open air museum (frilandsmuseet) or the viking ship museum in Roskilde could be something to see. In Roskilde there is also the Ragnarock music museum. But if they love princesses etc they would love Rosenborg and Frederiksborg Palace. Frederiksborg can be combined witg Kronborg Castle, the home of Hamlet. But they will already see lots of palaces in St Petersborg so maybe its not that interesting.
  15. Marmorkirken is indeed the closest stop to your hotel. The station opened in September 2019 so its very new. Currently there is a train every 3th minute in each direction on the M3 line but when M4 opens on the 28th of March then it will be every 1,5 minute. Some fun facts om Marmorkirken It is the deepest station on the entire network. The station is unique in that way that the platforms are located on top of each other instead of side by side. That is because of the proximity to the Marble church so they had to make the station box narrower than the others.
  16. There is no news on the situation around M4 and cruise shuttles from Orientkaj station. But as other has noted I keep monitoring the situation.
  17. Cabinn Copenhagen is brand new so there is not that many reviews to choose from and its the first time its open during the cruise season. So unless some members has been on a land trip during the fall and winter then Cruise critic is not the best source. Bus 7A stops just outside the hotel and it only takes 5 minutes from the central station and it goes every 7-8th minute. Use the Tivoli Hotel bus stop.
  18. Credit card: Yes Foreign valuta: Probably but most likely at a poor exchange rate.
  19. I really don't know that, I plan on doing a trip when the cruise season starts to see how it works with the metro and then I can take a look at thd machine.
  20. The other ship at Oceankaj its AidaBella. But it first dock at 8 and your ship dock at 5 so you can probably beat the line by heading out before they clear the ship. But you guys probably know how long it takes to clear a ship but I don't think the first passengers are out straight away.
  21. Agreed if you have the Copenhagen Card or City Pass then the public busses or train and metro can get you to most sights anyway or else most of then are in walking distance of each other.. Its only outliers like the Little Mermaid, Christiania, Carlsberg brewery, the Zoo etc where you really need public transportation.
  22. Yes there will be taxies but expect a line to get one. Price will be around 70 USD. What date is it, because the number of ships at the pier also has a say in how much waiting time there is.
  23. There is no Uber or similar services in Denmark because they are illegal But taxis are very reliable and a price for taxi from the airport is in the 60-70 USD range. The Metro is probably easier to take than the train when coming from the airport. Your apartment is located 10 minute on foot from Forum metro station so from the airport you have a direct line without any change of train. I don't know what things was like in the 70'ies in Copenhagen (I was born in 1985) but I'll guess that you should take as everything you visited is brand new. Tivoli is not the same 🙂 do go for that one and if you take a canal tour you will see some of the amazing new buildings from the harbour like The Black Diamant and Blox. If Tivoli is been there done that then you could visit the Bakken amusement park out in the Deer Garden north of Copenhagen, its the worlds oldest amusement park. Glyptoteket and The national museum is always worth a visit and so is Statens Museum For Kunst. Opening this May is the new resistance museum that has been totally rebuild after a large fire that destroyed the old building. Luckily they saved all the things on display so they will still be there from the old museum. A boat from my hometown Køge that helped many jews escaping to Sweden will one of the new things on display. The zoo with the 2 panda's (and the other animals) and the Blue Planet aquarium is also worth a visit. If you want to visit the area outside of Copenhagen then I can recommend a visit to Kronborg Castle (Hamlet) and Frederiksborg Palace in northern Zealand. Or visit Roskilde with the Viking ship museum, Cathedral and Ragnarock music museum.
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