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  1. Thank you for the answer and the tips! Were you able to watch some of the parades from the cabins towards the end? From videos it seems like the rooms at the ends could be slightly less private because of the proximity to elevators (more chances of random people being able to look in rather than "just" the people in rooms across from you). Then again, if you're keeping the curtains closed, it shouldn't make a difference. Hi, thanks for the answer! I have actually been thinking about this and it's the only reason I would go for a balcony now. Then again, I would also cancel a cruise if I didn't feel like covid was semi under control as even in a balcony room, being stuck in a cabin for days on end would be terrible. I was actually meant to go on a cruise this year but decided to postpone because of Delta. Hoping we have it more under control next year! Thanks! Do you mean speaker boxes for the music? Any idea how early they start? I'm not so concerned with the late night crowd being loud, I'll probably be one of them. I'm more concerned about the activities of the early birds and the kids Thank you! Would you mind elaborating? Is it that the window didn't do much for you or that you don't mind inside cabins? The difference in this case is about $150-200 pp depending on route.
  2. Hi all! I just wanted to ask for some opinions on whether or not Promenade "windows" are worth the extra $$. I've stayed in interior and balcony staterooms before but have never been on a promenade view room. I personally felt like the balcony was wasted on me because I barely spent any time in it and it didn't help with motion sickness at all so it's not worth the upgrade in my case. Now I'm wondering which of the non-balcony staterooms is right for me. I'm specifically looking at interior vs promenade view. Other than the room feeling slightly bigger, does the window offer any other benefits? Can you enjoy the parades at the Promenade from the room? Is there a way to open the window to let some "fresh" air in? I dismissed OV and those virtual balcony ones because I feel like it would make the motion sickness worse, but I'd love to hear your experiences. I've also considered just booking a guarantee inside room and hoping it's low and midship but don't know how likely that would be.
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