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  1. Does anyone have any pics of these cabins? And also I just want to make sure that the dividers on these balconys can be opened up.. we are sailing on liberty on may 24th. Thanks!!!
  2. Jaded8476

    Carnival sensation????

    Do you know if its getting that new pool thingy that they advertise???
  3. Jaded8476

    Carnival sensation????

    Thanks that helped a lot we will be sailing with my parents and little brother who is 10, will be turning 11 on the boat, so Thanks for your review!!:D
  4. Jaded8476

    Carnival sensation????

    We are going on a 3-5 day cruise instead of a 7 day cruise in march, as this will be our first cruise... I need help.. We can either go on the carnival sensation or the carnival inspiration. both have some good reviews, and the iteniary doesnt matter as we are just going to get a feel for how bad the ship rocks, and if we could handle a 7 day cruise. (my fiance gets sea sick sometimes). Anyone know any particurarly good/bad things about either one???
  5. Jaded8476


    How many cruises do you have to take with carnival to become platinum? are there different levels under platinum, or just platinum. I am going on my first carnival cruise in march, but will cruise more than once a year, if we like it. :D
  6. Jaded8476

    Purses in islands.

    That really bites... I was hoping to get good shopping on this cruise... aw well at least we will have a good time.:D
  7. I have not checked celebrity, but will look into that, thanks for the insight.
  8. Thanks for all your insight, I am leaning more toward carnival only because all of us like to have a few drinks and dance and laugh and have a good time.. and there is nothing wrong with the show that a happy drunk puts on..LOL... at any rate I think that my whole family will be happy with what the carnival has to offer, and well if not we will just go on rci next time. thanks for all your help...
  9. Hi all, I am so confused and aggervated, but worried about making the wrong decision most of all. We are going on our first cruise in March of 08, to the western caribbean, either on the carnival freedom, or freedom of the seas. I have read many reviews, some good some not so good about both lines and both ships, I just don't want to make the wrong decision. Here is what we are looking for... There will be potentially 7 of us, 6 adults and one child, the child is 10 will be turning 11 on the cruise. The adults range from 23-45, and are all very young at heart and enjoy a good time. We are looking to have a nice relaxing cruise, we dont want to wait in extremely long lines to get to eat or go on the slide or whatever, we dont want to feel like we are at disney waiting in line for everything. We are going to do one excursion at each port and will just relax on the beach and or shop the rest of the time. The prices differ greatly as it will cost us 5800.00 to go on carnival and around 7500.00 to sail on royal caribbean, now i dont mind paying the difference but im not sure that its worth it for what we are looking for...I am not sure how much we will use the wave rider or whatever, but do know that when we went on vacation our hotel had a slide in the pool and we used it quite a bit. Please help me i feel like pulling my hair out right now becuase i do not want to make the wrong decision. :confused: :confused:
  10. I am thinking of maybe starting a group cruise in March of 08, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how to start a group cruise?:confused:
  11. Jaded8476

    Carnival Drinks

    OK what is in the mexican mama??? the kiss on the lips sounds great, I dont know about the rest of them as I do not like the flavor of banana....
  12. Jaded8476

    Adding two more to our booking

    sorry I didnt want to get anyone in trouble :o
  13. Jaded8476

    Adding two more to our booking

    which agency was this?
  14. Jaded8476

    Spa Pricess....

    we are cruising on the carnival freedom. is there anyway to prepay for spa services?
  15. Jaded8476

    Purses in islands.

    of course it would be none of the places the I am going, we are going to cozumel, and grand caymen and ohios rios, hopefully i will find a good deal... thanks for your help