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  1. That is correct. If ANGEL is there, you can buy canned soda or water for $2 and he did lay out some chips and fresh salsa, but the kitchen was closed when we were there. The reef area, beach, chairs and everything else is still there, so you can still enjoy a partial day on the sand, water almost by yourself. There is a playful dog and cat that want to join in with some of your fun. We were the only 2 people there for over 2 hours, then a go-cart excursion came with about 6 others, but they only stayed for about 45 minutes and then left, so we had the whole area to ourselves once again. I would highly recommend this sanctuary for anyone just wanting to get away. You are only 100 yards from the pier, but you can't get there directly unless you jump off and swim to the crescent shaped beach. (The fastest route that was suggested by someone earlier) If I was a strong swimmer, that is what I would have done, saving a lot of time. Even so, it was probably only 15-20 minutes at a leisurely pace through the fence route. If you go, be sure and tell ANGEL that Mark sez hola! He doesn't speak good english, but we had little trouble understanding one another. I guess paradise is universal in any language. :D
  2. First, I want to thank ANGEL for making our stay at Chac-chi enjoyable on Monday, August 21, 2006. My S.O and I went thru the checkpoint, down to the corner and slipped through the hole in the corner of the fence. Then along the new fence to the small path and to the second fence which we then followed the yellow and white painted trees along the wide path to the entrance. It is quite a hike over some rough areas, so if you have any health issues, by all means, pay the $14US for a taxi. If you opt to go it alone, TAKE YOUR BUG SPRAY FOR THIS WALK!!! The mosqiotoes are thick! But we were prepared. :D One thing we learned is that this resort is only open for the Carnival Miracle on FRIDAYS, so don't expect anything at any other time unless you make prior arrangements. ANGEL may or may not be there so you should bring something to drink/snack. I will post some pics this week. This is an awesome well kept secret that hides itself in plain sight. I would have never known about it if it werent for this thread. THANKS!
  3. I'll be there MONDAY 8/21 with my S.O.. Anyone else going?
  4. On the Conquest, I liked to go aft at 2AM and they would bake me a fresh one.... Mmmmmm! Mangia! I've got pics of the Gala Buffet...
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