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  1. Yes but you'd need a van (maybe even a BIG' van) for the amount of luggage they often take on a World Cruise. Maybe the bus transfer is part of the 'self isolating' deal - no private transfers .
  2. It's always fun travelling from the southern hemisphere up to the northern one - even for us seasoned Aussies. We arrive the day we left and lose/miss a day coming home 🙂 Here's hoping all those travelling north in the next few days arrive safe and sound, maybe a touch weary but smiling just the same. There's going to be some stories to tell in the next few days/weeks.
  3. Four if you're lucky and have a tail wind - more like 4.5 hrs - could even stretch to 5. Getting from Sydney domestic to international is not easy - requires a bus trip round the tarmac. Avoid it if you can 🙂
  4. You've got to get to Honolulu first. Sydney - Honolulu flying time is over 10hrs Melbourne to Honolulu over 11hrs Unfortunately no direct flights from Perth to Honolulu - flying time is over 14hrs. Yes it's a long way to anywhere from down here 😊 They've got a big job on their hands but I'm sure HAL will make the journeys home safe secure and comfortable.
  5. You don't have to go to Sydney for Vancouver flights. Air Canada has direct flights to Vancouver from Melbourne. Melbourne is closer to Perth than Sydney. I have taken that flight myself so know it will be a long14hrs for some oldies but maybe an 'easier' one on a 'familiar airline' with staff with familiar voices. Just something else to consider if you are able to have any input into their travel arrangement.
  6. We are boarding the Maasdam on the 23rd (Holiday cruise), our TA said ......like most of HAL's dining rooms there are 2 levels. Level 1 is 'anytime dining' 5.15pm onwards, level 2 is fixed 5.45pm and 8pm. We're not fans of fixed (particularly main/late as we have been given) so I'll be making the reservations desk my first port of call after boarding 😊
  7. I don't normally comment on things like this and I'm not one to begrudge another a bargain but......When I think it took us 10years and more plus an awful lot of money to become a 4* mariner can you wonder a lot of us are ropeable
  8. Sounds like you got taken for a ride Ken......in more ways than one 😊
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