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  1. Hi there...no need to make reservations for anything. No need for ice show or even chef table or Giovanni or the murder mystery dinner. They were selling those hard the first day on the ship. Izumi was not pushed hard and never tried. I have a kids menu on phone I can send but not sure how to post a picture
  2. No one checked out appointment time even though it was 12 noon. No big rush and we're onboard in under 20 min... quick easy and painless
  3. For our cruise it may be a bit different... Easter Sunday was our formal night and then Thurs night... But I hear normally it is tues and Thurs.
  4. I prefer the smaller ships. No need to over plan your days and trips with reservations for every show. Oasis you have to over plan everything.
  5. [upquote=TravelSleuth;55727323]Awesome! I had been tossing around the idea of pre-purchasing the surf internet so it's good to know that buying it onboard can save a little money. I was also considering pre-purchasing $$ to go towards the arcade but wasn't sure if there was really any point. Any thoughts on the arcade? Thanks! There is a free arcade night the first night... We did not purchase for our kids. We wanted them to get away from electronics. However if you get buy online there are no deals onboard that I have seen
  6. Good afternoon.... I am on the AOS and was wondering if I can answer anyone's questions about the ship. Am in Curacao as we speak. Appears only the front half of the ship was refurbished with new cabins... The aft section is same with no changes. Izumi is here and looks nice. Was kind of surprised that lifeguards are on the ships now. Boarding was quick and easy. Oh you can buy surf internet on ship cheaper. You should download WhatsApp before the trip or Google Hangouts before boarding and text to others that way. Let the questions begin...
  7. I am right now sitting in my room at Hyatt Place City Center looking towards the Adventure of the sea. We have been here in San Juan since Wednesday. We have utilized Michael's Taxi service non stop... And wow what service. We were greeted at the baggage claim when we arrived in a very clean van, comfortable and appropriate temperature. We utilized them to go to the forts, shopping at Walmart, to go to dinner and will be uaing them to transfer to the cruise ship and back to the airport next week. He is very busy so I would definitely set up your taxis in advance for transfers to and from the cruise ship. He and his staff are true professionals. They will even run errands for u if needed. Mention my name Tom
  8. plyman69

    Aruba 1pm-11pm

    not trying to be funny here... but why eat in town when you can eat on the ship for free....
  9. thanks guys... and i assume you can only fill so many times in a given amount of time as well
  10. I have tried searching for this question specifically .... Do you know if you can bring your own insulated mug to be filled? I have a nice Yeti Rambler - 26 oz container i would like filled with soda etc. Not sure it would work for beer or alcohol but thinking it would be nice to have a cold coke by me when ever I wanted it... Thanks and Happy Cruising
  11. HAHAHA .... Do you know if you need to bring your own lock? Just curious about this Thanks Tom
  12. HI All... just a couple questions...if you don't mind 1) do you need to bring a lock to use the locker safely or do they provide one? 2) I take it the sauna and steam room are not co ed..... each locker room has their own sauna and steam room 3) anyone have pictures of the lockers and showers? Being in a cabin with 3 women... I think I will be spending most of my time in here Thanks Tom
  13. We have booked the Mystery Dinner for $79 a person. It better be a good meal or I will not be a happy camper.
  14. do you know what they charge for the Spa Access per day??? Is it cheaper or a benefit if your diamond etc? Also please tell me the showers and sauna are still free and do you know if you need to bring your own Lock?
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