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  1. Makes me wonder how much testing if any they do before making it live.
  2. I have installed and uninstalled the Royal app several times. No matter what it does not show my calendar for my up coming cruise. Friends I am sailing with see their calendars. I am on an iPhone 7 if that makes a difference. The app has a message ‘Unable to display reservations and folio’. It directs me to contact RCI for assistance with my account. Anybody have any ideas?
  3. Price itinerary ship in that order. Being retired dates don't matter.
  4. One thing about jet skis is the faster you go the more stable it is. New riders need to know this. I am not saying one needs to flat out but more then walking speed will boost your confidence.
  5. You guys are doing a great job with the shared live review.
  6. I need to change my email address but the only place I saw in my profile does not offer the option to change it. So how do I change my email address?
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