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  1. Thank you. Where did you do the excursion? I think maybe one blow out excursion and the rest will be out and about and back to the ship to eat. People that don't cruise much don't understand the excursion to a small boat but some of them have been so much fun. How did you go about setting it up? Guess go to the ports section and see what folks have had fun with. Really looking forward to this trip. All of us cruise but usually not together (Grandparents are the problem-- they love 40-50 day trips -- blow the budget for the year all in one BIG check.
  2. Any more ideas for how to set up fun times in the Islands for 11 folks. Families probably will walk most places but the grands need transportation. We did guide in van but at that time had only 8. Actually we all love being together because it is pretty rare that we gather in one place and it is most often a ship or resort now. (I don't have beds or cooking for 11 now -- just easier to meet somewhere and Granddaddy pays!) If you have any ideas let me know. 3 year old is a walker and tough. 9 year old runs a mile or two each day (runs with Dad) . Meme and Grandaddy are the limiting factors. Looking forward to this trip but have 3 week fly/drive trip this month and holiday trips and then Cuba cruise in Feb. Gotta go while you can still do it.;p ;p
  3. We are taking ll people on a cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary. Ages 70's grandparents 40's parents 18,18,17,9 and 3 for grandchildren. All the kids but the 18 year olds have cruised since they were 6 months old. We have all been in the Caribbean many many times (lived in Florida for years) so no new ports on the itinerary. How would you go about excursions? Youngest still must have car seat to travel by car (US rules ). What fits 11? All can walk pretty well except grandparents (we don't walk over a mile at a time -- get teased alot by the fitness crazy kids!). I have often hired guides in Asia and Africa but not for more than a car full. If anyone has done this type of trip or can suggest activities Eastern Caribbean on Caribbean Princess would appreciate an assist. (11 on excursion sounds like a fortune!)
  4. Oh my you hurry up and book a cruise with the idea 10 months is not so mobile and then you get kids like mine -- they all started walking right about 9 months! Mother Nature sure likes to laugh at us. My daughters have traveled with both babies (pre walkers about 6 months old) and children 18 months old (all grands born in January). They have done fine at all ages. One daughter particularly likes to have oceanview or inside cabin -- afraid of balcony with daredevil kids. She found a "Parental " waiter -- one who loves kids and asked for them each night. Generally you get your own table with kids;p;p;p;). If it isn't working for you -- just take the child out for a few minutes and try again. I have one mother who uses Iphone movies often and one mother who does not allow any screens until after age 2 (brain scientist and doesn't want blue light). So you go and you do what works for your family. You adjust things when necessary and try to keep somewhat to schedule. Know it will not be the vacation you had before vacation but I think it is better. Enjoy your child and know that your child has the best mother in the world for him/her -- that mother is you. Relax.
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