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  1. We are cruising March 13 and are staying at the Hyatt Place 17th St Convention Plaza. It is very close to the port and we have a late arriving flight. Normally we arrive into FLL early so we stay at the Bahia Mar right on Seabreeze Blvd and Ft Lauderdale beach. We will be staying here for an extra night at the end of our cruise. I used booking.com for Hyatt Place. It was pricey, but thankful to have a room at spring break!
  2. I'm curious too. I am a crossfit junkie and want to keep up with it on the ship. My trainer did show me how to use a dumbbell in place of a kettle bell. A lot of the kettle bell exercises can be converted in a pinch.
  3. Yep, it's happened twice. Last spring we were on the Oasis and our daughter went to the Kids Club. I picked her up and she said there were two kids from her school in the club. Sure enough.....they were a couple of years older than her, but we ran into the parents later on in the cruise. The other time we were on an excursion in Nassau to the Blue Lagoon. We heard someone shouting my husbands name. It was a long time friend that had made a last minute trip to Atlantis and was on the ferry to the dolphin encounter with us. They weren't on the ship with us, but was still weird running into them on a ship excursion. It definitly is a small world.
  4. Hi there! We are sailing with you on the Allure. We have a 9 year old daughter. This will be cruise number 12 for us and we have had a variety of staterooms in a lot of locations. The only time we have ever heard anything is when our neighbors left their balcony door open most of the cruise and when they would open the stateroom door a huge wind tunnel would SLAM the door. It was LOUD and you could feel it. We've sailed on the Freedom class twice and while it is a lovely ship we are sold on Allure/Oasis. Lots for all to do and we thought the kids club was amazing. I used to spend a lot of time fretting about cabin cat, location...etc. I don't anymore. We just go and have fun. Stop by the roll call thread....haven't seen anyone my daughters age sailing.
  5. We do have more than 2. Our 10 yr old daughter will be with us. I noted that on the reservation form and it still offered the Gty? Hmmm... Going to make a call.
  6. We've been booked on the Allure for March '14 since January. I've been checking once a week or so for a price drop and just noticed a Stateroom with Balcony Gty that just opened. This wasn't even an option back in Jan. Does it include any balcony....like Central Park, Boardwalk or ocean view? We currently have a Boardwalk cabin booked but for a couple $100 less we could get a Gty. But, I only will switch if its an OV. Thanks!
  7. I have pretty severe motion sickness issues. Occasionally I deal with vertigo. Bonine is amazing, I even use it at Disney World so I can ride everything with my family. I start a day before the cruise and I also continue for several days after we disembark. I tend to get the sickest while getting my land legs back.
  8. Corn dogs and chicken nuggets available at the boardwalk bar. There is a little grill area as you are approaching the aqua theater. Snow cones were not out all of the time, but we grabbed some one evening before we went to watch Jack and Jill on the big screen.
  9. Loving your review! We were getting off Oasis the day you were boarding. Your comment about the evening Cafe Promenade attendant was right on. I stopped by mid afternoon to get my daughter a sandwich. Later in the evening my husband and I stopped in for a sandwich and the same girl was working both times. I said to her she was working a long day and she told me to fill out the comment card and let her boss know that she is working far too many hours. Wow....never had anyone say that before! I too am not a show kind of girl but I loved both Aqua theater shows and also the ice show. We missed our reserved late night comedy show so we went down about an hour early one night to wait in line....we got in! It was a great show. I loved the make your own salad in the Park Cafe. I would get tomatoes, mozzarella, croutons and balsamic....delish. DH loved the breakfast sandwiches. My DD, 8 loved the kids club. The 2nd day at sea she wanted to go so we checked her in at 1:30. Kept going back and checking on her and she didn't want to leave. We finally dragged her out at 11pm! Nice little day for hubby and I. Looking forward to more...enjoying it!
  10. We are in cabin 12324. I did read about the public balcony at the end of our hall. Sounds like it would be a nice place to see the shows if we don't have a reservation. To be honest, I really don't care where the cabin is as long as I'm not in a dark cave of an inside room! I get so disoriented without sunlight.
  11. We are sailing on the Oasis 3/17. Looked online today to see if any cabins had opened up and were a reasonable upgrade fee from our inside on deck 7. $500 got us moved from inside deck 7 to a D3....superior oceanview w/balcony on deck 12. While I'm very excited about the upgrade I am a little nervous about the location. It is third from the most aft cabin. That's great for using the pools, Windjammer, etc, but so far away from the dining rooms and promenade. Any advice or opinions?
  12. We are doing the opposite.....flying to FLL, cruising on the Oasis then renting a car and driving to Disney for 4 days. If you use National or Alamo then you can rent from the car care center on property. Give yourself plenty of time for the drive. In a perfect world it is 3 hrs or so but you can always encounter an accident, car trouble, etc..... Enjoy your trip!
  13. It doesn't show it when giving me the itemized rental cost, but at this point anything will be less expensive then flying out of FLL! What kind of transportation did you have from the car care center at Disney? Do they run a shuttle to resorts or parks? Or, will they get us to the TTC?
  14. Need some advice!! The airfare from FLL to STL the day we disembark is insane. So, we have decided to head north to Disney and spend a couple of days and fly home from Orlando. We would like to rent a car with Alamo so we can return to Disney's car care center. How should we go about this? Alamo's website only shows an airport location. Do we take a cab to the airport to pick up the car? Thanks
  15. Awesome, thanks! I was figuring if I scheduled an early ice show or a later comedy show and didn't make it then I would have a backup. Also realized that Giovanni's takes kids....it allowed me to book our 7 yr old! You learn something new everyday.....
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