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  1. Has anyone done the Chef's Table dining experience on the Edge? The cost is $139.00 per person. If so, did you enjoy it? Do you feel it was worth the cost? Thank you.
  2. I had called originally during the week and mid-day and felt the Captain's Club rep was believable in her answers. I called back yesterday (Saturday) and the rep had never heard of a Sunset Suite, and wanted to transfer me to resolutions - I was put on hold but just hung up. I can't fathom they wouldn't do the FV renovations to the Sunset Suites during the revolution drydock. Also can't image putting people in the new category and then saying "oh sorry - no suite perks for you" (The Retreat, Luminae, Butler) - I already have all 4 perks on my booking. Also, the Celebrity site under the Sunset Suites says they will be available on 3 ships in 2020 but booking engines show no Sunset Suites through the end of 2020 and 1st quarter of 2021. Makes no sense. I'll let you know if I come across any more information.
  3. Are you on a guarantee FV? If not they can't "upgrade" you without your consent. They would have to offer at least Aqua since that is the same pricing as the FV at the moment and some OBC in addition inb my opinion. Let us know what you find out - I didn't even try with general reservations - called Captain's Club.
  4. mandream: I wonder the same thing. I spoke with Captains Club this afternoon and they say that the FV category will be converted to the Sunset Suites during the revolution drydock in MAY2020. They also stated that if someone is in the FV and it converts to Sunset Suite prior to their sailing Celebrity would honor the reservation with all suite perks provided. Interesting part is the Constellation sailings still show FV on sailings after the MAY2020 revolution drydock until sometime around March/April of 2021 and then the SN shows and FV category is no longer listed - very odd to me. I can't imagine they would not do that major of a cabin renovation/redesign during the revolution drydock. Doing it after seems like it would be a logistical nightmare. Would love to get a more definitive answer so I can decide if I want to keep my FV for NOV2020 and hope it becomes an SN prior to sailing for change to another category or sail date. 😁
  5. Rewind - can you tell me if 6654 had additional width to the cabin also? I've see cabins on harmony where the balcony is larger as there is something next to the cabin (not a cabin) but the cabin is not any wider. Thank you!
  6. JFontaine - thank you very much for your input!
  7. vtcruising - thank you for your very thorough reply. Great information.
  8. Hello all: For those of your that have experienced The Retreat on the Edge - did you feel the size of the spaces, number of personnel, etc. handled the number of people with access to those areas or were there times when things were too crowded to enjoy? Did you experience any issues with The Retreat Lounge, Pool Deck, Sun Deck, Luminae areas at all? Thank you in advance for your input.
  9. kearney. Thank you for your response. I am a member of the Edge group on Facebook and just posted the question. Thank you again!
  10. hcat. Thank you for your response. It appears - from the best I can tell - that 6151 is over the entrance to The Club versus the actual "performance" area - but I may not be right and that may make no difference. Hopefully someone will have some real life experience to share.
  11. Hello All. Has anyone had a cabin over The Club? I currently have 6151 which is over the entrance to The Club and wondering if I should be concerned about major noise issues? 6151 is a Panoramic OV with no obstruction. I could move forward to one that is 50% obstructed - just trying to figure out the best thing to do. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello All: Can anyone share any first-hand experience (good and bad) on the Category 06 (Deluxe Oceanview) cabins on the edge? These are on decks 8 and 9 all the way forward and have the large windows with the chairs and small table be the window. Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello All: Considering a Cat. 8 Oceanview on the Edge. Can anything tell me if they have stayed in any of those cabins located under the shops? Did you experience much noise from above? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello. Can anyone share their thoughts on doing a TA on Azamara? Considering the 16-day Westbound on the Journey from Barcelona to Miami. Did you find the number of sea days "boring" with it being a smaller ship? Thank you in advance for any insights you can share of your own TA experience(s) on Azamara.
  15. I notice that on the current SSBP order form on Viking's site it does state that "Mini-Bar Replenishment" is included. There is no specification as being limited to any cabin category. Capture of that section of form attached (hope it worked).
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