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  1. We go on the Equinox in February in a sky suite. I looked the menu in Luminae and it looked pretty good. But if in fact it turns out differently I am booked with Celebrity only thru February 2024 snd have already investigated alternate cruises on Seabourne and Windstar. A few more $ but it might be appreciably better. Decision time for cruisers and the lines. What is the tipping point?

  2. 8 minutes ago, Redtravel said:

    Just back from Star Breeze.  In June, cruised on Summit.  Crowded and uncomfortable. Spouse got Covid. Stress level was really high. Windstar is completely different. They advertise 180 degrees different. No crowds.  We had 130 guests. Maximum would’ve been 312.  There was lots of space.  It felt relaxed and comfortable. I am a mask wearer.  On WS I felt ok without a mask. Crew wore masks.  Had a fabulous time and didn’t get Covid. Have a great time on Windstar.  

    Been on Windstar myself twice. Contemplating   Switching back after I complete my next 2 Celebrity cruises over the next 4 months if these cruises are not comfortable with the very relaxed rules and I or my wife pick up Covid.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Honolulu Blue said:

    What a small world this is - we're on the same cruise! 😃 I got my bivalent booster about a month ago, so I'm as prepared as I can be. Let's hope the ship isn't too crowded. 🙏

    Hope going out San Juan does cut down on number of passengers! Getting my bivalent Moderna shot on Monday. Suppose to be a little stronger. No Covid yet… Crossing my fingers. Probably no elevators or theater. Will wear a mask in transit. Got 2 flights from Virginia to get there.

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  4. It is disheartening to know the newest booster is not that effective. If you started to feel sick on day 7 I would say you definitely got it on the ship. Incubation period  is 3-5 days to symptoms. A crowded ship is a risk. I go in less than three weeks out of San Juan on the Millennium. Now I wonder about us.we are getting our omicron booster 12 days prior. Hmmmm.

    31 minutes ago, Ipeeinthepools said:


    Yep, first time for me.  


  5. On 10/3/2022 at 3:57 PM, alyssamma said:

    FBC  = Flights by Celebrity


    And while I don't doubt @Virginia100's experience, I think it is an outlier. You'll find the vast majority of people have had positive experiences and contacting FBC has been easy and helpful.


    Not having to pay for a flight upfront + (almost always) cheaper price + "guarantee" of getting you to the ship far outweighs the few bad experiences that will occur with *any* transaction.

    The better revised flight was done today. Finally,.


    but on my February trip to Fll I found a new flight at a savings of $300 per person from my original flight but was told this flight was not refundable snd required immediate payment. Jet Blue. At this savings I booked.

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  6. Here’s a negative:  over three weeks ago Jet Blue canceled my returning flight 11/12 from San Juan (2pm) and replaced with an un doable 9am. Immediately contacted FBC to change to 11:18 am flight on Jet Blue that works. Now 22 days later this change has still not been completed. Have made numerous calls. Promised by tomorrow, I will see. Jet Blue said they could not change as booked by a travel agent, if done direct it would have been changed immediately. Be aware!

  7. Well, now the 5 days to do the change/modification will take 15 business days. With that delay I hope my revised flight remains available. This is definitely a drawback to using FBC. If I had booked directly with Jet Blue the change would have immediately been done. 

  8. 5 hours ago, mandream said:


    Something similar to us happened a few months back.  We originally had a connecting Flight to Europe with a comfortable layover.  AA changed one of the flights giving us only 1 hour to make the connection.  I called FbC to see if they could change to a direct flight given the reduced connection time.  The direct flight was more expensive, so they had to check with the airline to see if they would accommodate for the same price.  They did and we were very happy.


    This all happened before final payment, so there was never any question of the separate FbC change fee.  But now I wonder (because I am about to make final payment for a Dec cruise) - if the airline changes the flight and I am not happy with the new flight and ask FbC to change again - will they charge the change fee? 


    @Virginia100 - I assume they didn't mention a change fee to you since it isn't in your post - but was this ever discussed?




    No fee change was ever discussed. FBC emailed JB with the new flights we agreed on and gave me a request number. When I also called Jet Blue to change they only would do the change immediately if I paid a $50 per person to move the reservation from FBC to ownership by JB. Not very happy about that too.

  9. Well, early this morning I got a notice on my Jet Blue return flight from San Juan on 11/12 having changes. Oddly though it did not identify the change nor which flights. I went on Jet Blue app to see. I could see my return flight changed from 2:30 pm to 9:00 am, over a 5 hour difference. The app didn’t identify the change as a change. I had to call Flights By Celebrity to discuss the “new” flight was obviously too early. As explained FBC could not just change the booking immediately but send a formal request to Jet Blue for the flight change we agreed on due to the airlines change. This was necessary to protect my pricing and would take about a week to get resolved. Just seems odd it can’t be immediately changed in this circumstance. I’ll see how this works out by the end of the week.

  10. I worked for a UK firm snd had several UK sites reporting to me in the US so traveled quite a bit there. There is absolutely too much drinking by many in the UK so it follows it would migrate to short cruises. Brits coming on business to my large Corporate office in the US were all surprised that at lunch no body drinks alcohol like in the UK.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Lastdance said:

    I have done both, but I would never pick August for Europe.  Not only the heat, but so many are on vacation from all over Europe, so it will not be as enjoyable.  I love Italy, Turkey and Greece; however, May/June or in the fall are wonderful.  My next trip is this October, but on Apex.  The only tour I have even done with Celebrity was on Millie.  The ship was fine, but I did not like taking the buses, along with waiting for the same people who were always late, loud and acted like everything was all about them.  Most likely, that will not be your experience.  However, the scenery was gorgeous and overall it was a great vacation.  I just prefer doing my own trips and land vacations with a cruise.  Whatever you decide, traveling is something that is great for the soul and I am sure you will make it a great time. 

    I agree, never go to Europe in July or August. Maybe June. I would go mid September (my 9/11/23 cruise Rome to Barcelona) thru October. Never been to Alaska. I avoid anywhere ice is.

  12. 2 hours ago, wrk2cruise said:

    It really is about evaluating your risk tolerance.  The problem is I believe most people think that it won't happen to them or someone else will take care of it.   With covid the cruise line has been accepting all the risk.  They tried to minimize their risk with their covid protocols.   Now that those protocols are all but gone they are not going to assume that risk anymore.


    I think many people are going to be surprised when they find they are covid positive a few days before the sailing and call Celebrity for a refund and they are told to contact their insurance company as they are in the 100% penalty period.   Of course most of those people will then just travel anyway.

    Unless I’m really feeling bad, with no required testing now I will not even know if I’m positive or not as I will not be testing. Haven’t for 2 1/2 years now as I’ve felt fine . Only tested for my 3/26 cruise. 

  13. 44 minutes ago, rachiem said:

    Would it be possible to feedback whether you think the drive back from the resort is really bumpy?

    Hubby is having a Level 2 spinal fusion and we wanted to pick a tour that's not too "jolty"


    I’ll post my review but the ride back is on a Catamaran from the dock at the bottom of the resort with a beach break. I’ll let you know how the ride to the resort goes.

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  14. 1 hour ago, rachiem said:

    Have just seen your post on this. 
    We had booked Spencer’s land and sea tour but hubby thinks that the speedboat won’t be good for his back. 
    We’ve just rebooked for this one instead as it’s quite attractive with the 35% discount now 😊

    Yes, that’s about $100 cheaper than discount when I booked. But to get savings I need to cancel and rebook and that’s risks it not being available.

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